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Powwownow Event Calls

Quality of communication is vital in today's competitive environment.

Whether it’s announcing financial results to investors, launching a product or keeping staff informed, how you communicate makes a difference. Our Operator Assisted Service offers fully customised solutions, adapted to your specific requirements, depending on your business department or profession.

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Easy Accessibility
Have all caller lines answered by an operator or enable pin-code access.

Global Reach
Participants from any country can access the call with over 100 Local and Freephone numbers.

Increased Productivity
Enable faster decision making by reaching a wide audience and gaining instant feedback.

High-level support
With the planning, support and guidance of the Event Management Team.

What would I use this service for?

Many of our customers use Operator Assisted Calls for Marketing Webinars, Investors Relations, Training and Development, Town Hall Events, Human Resource and more.

Whether you are organising an online conference for thousands of people or need extra assistance for a smaller webinar, the Powwownow Event Team will help you every step of the way to deliver a first-class presentation. One key feature of the operator assisted service is the Event Manager. A dedicated Event Manager handles all your requested services before, during and after your meeting.

Powwownow Operator Assisted Calls

Professional Conference Operator
Professional announcer to look after all your conferencing needs, they will kick off the call with a customised scripted meeting and speaker introductions.

Multi-lingual operators
Conducting a global call, and want to offer people the choice of their native language? We offer multi-lingual operators to help with your call.

Worldwide access
We offer access to conferences from around the world.

Web conferencing
Fully integrated with our high-quality audio conferencing, your presentation is communicated over the phone and supported online by slides.

Conference call recording
Don’t spend ages trying to scribble down notes, simply record the call and play back later. Tight on time? We also offer a transcription service of the meeting, so you only need to concentrate on the important stuff!

Dial-in replay service
Missed the beginning of the call, we offer a dial-in replay service which allows you to catch up on important conversations that were had.

Web streaming and webcasts
Webcasting solutions are proven to drive higher levels of audience engagement using a highly interactive and scalable platform for visual communications. Both audio and video webcasting deliver a powerful message.

Powwownow Webcast Solution

No landline phone is required
Audio can be played (streamed) via your PC.

Live feedback
Get instant feedback from attendees with survey, polling and chat features.

Full customisation
Full branding options to reinforce your message.

Rich multimedia tool
A high impact tool for reaching large audiences.

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