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Plus at a Glance

Powwownow Plus offers you all the great features of our free conference calling service plus additional products and international dial-in numbers.

Additional benefits of Plus:
  • Save even more money on your conference calls with one of our money-saving minute bundles

  • The option to purchase Pay As You Go Call Credit to use Worldwide Freephone and Landline numbers

  • Greater security with the addition of a Chairperson PIN. Keep this PIN for yourself and share the other one with your participants

  • The opportunity to purchase a Branded Welcome Message for a dedicated conference call number

  • The ability to add and manage multiple users under one account

Remember, signing up is free and easy, so why not discover the benefits today?

Why choose Plus?

This service is free, offering additional security and control over your account.

Free, local or global numbers

Choose from a selection of phone numbers and rates for your conference calls. As well as the regular 0844 shared-cost numbers, you can also choose 0800 Freephone, local or international numbers. That means you can give your attendees free or low-cost landline and mobile access from over 100 countries around the world.

Manage multiple users

Plus gives you the ability to manage multiple users under one account - you can invite and create users in your myPowwownow account area. Having all of your users under one account gives you added security and the ability to keep track and manage how the account is being used.

Unlimited conference calls

With Plus, you can hold unlimited conference calls on demand, and with individual Chairperson and Participant PIN sets you can run as many secure conference calls at the same time as you like.

Unbeatable quality

Unlike other conference call services, Powwownow has its own fully-owned infrastructure, so, call quality is as good as your landline. Our conference calls use the exact same fibre optic cabling as your landline, and along with BT, we're the only conference call provider to have this quality.

Extra features

Money-saving minute Bundles
Save money on regular conference calls with our range of monthly minute Bundles. We’ve a variety of packages available so have one to suit every business!

A personal touch
Individually recorded to your specifications, there's no better way to give your conference calls a professional shine than by adding a Branded Welcome Message.

Real-time reporting
Monitor how your account is being used by running reports to monitor call Participants, see how many people were on particular calls and how long the calls were.

Instant conference call recording
Record your conference calls with the touch of a button. Then after your call you can review, download and share your recording with your colleagues and keep them for your records.

Dedicated customer support
We are proud to have some of the best customer support in the industry. That's why 98% of our customers would recommend us.

Free instant web conferencing
You can now integrate your conference calls with web conferencing and it is completely free. This means you can instantly share your computer screen with your call Participants (perfect for sharing documents or presentations). There is no need for call Participants to download or install any software – all they need is internet access.

What It Costs

Powwownow Plus is free to sign up to.

Products are purchased independently and Pay As You Go Call Credit can be bought in order to use the Freephone and Landline numbers. Credit can be set up as an auto top-up, removing the hassle of making continual purchases.

For those that make regular conference calls, we offer a range of money-saving monthly minute Bundles. Depending on the Bundle, this can be assigned either to a single or multiple account user.There is no set-up or cancellation fee so things really couldn’t be simpler!

Dial-in numbers and rates

With Plus, you can choose from:

Shared Cost numbers (e.g. 0844...)
All callers pay their own call charges of 4.3p/min if dialling from a BT landline, other providers may vary. These numbers are automatically enabled when you sign up for Plus, so you can start conference calling straight away.

Freephone numbers (e.g. 0800...)
Free to Participants, but the Chairperson will be charged for all calls to this number, starting from 7p/min.

Landline numbers (e.g. 03...)
Many network providers include these numbers in their home, business and mobile call packages, therefore calls may be free or very low cost. The Chairperson will pay an additional per minute call charge for all callers, starting from 4.3p/min.

Register for free and only pay for what you need.