Why you work in sales

‘Anytime you are tempted to up-sell someone, stop what you are doing and up-serve instead – Dan Pink, ‘To Sell Is Human’ Mention to most people that you meet at the Bar that you work in ‘sales’ and you are likely to get at best a polite smile and at worst you’ll find yourself drinking your pint alone. [...]

Help, we keep hiring idiots!

Hiring the right employee for your business is just as challenging as it is important. A successful employment relationship will have a positive impact on your mind-set and your overall working environment. The time and effort you put into the hiring process will be paid back to you in employee productivity (with interest!) should you [...]

Is the 21st century workplace eroding the flexible working parent stereotype?

Earlier this year, The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills gave 20 million people the right to request flexible working hours from their employer. The new legislation was implemented on the 30th June, meaning that employees who have worked for the same employer for at least 26 months are eligible to request flexible working hours, [...]

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