Worldwide Freephone Numbers

Worldwide Freephone Numbers

A Freephone number (e.g. 0800) has no charge to the call Participant whether dialling from a landline in the UK or internationally. Instead the Chairperson pays the full cost of the conference call.
For UK Freephone numbers click here.

What are the benefits?

  • A UK number and over 50 international numbers including USA, Australia, China and India.
  • Pay as you go minutes to use as and when you need them, so you only pay for what you use.
  • Up to 50 participants per conference call, you can talk as long as you like and there's no need to book the conference.

What's the cost?

All you pay is the per minute call charge (starting from 7p per min) for you and each of your participants which is deducted from your pre-paid purchased credit. There is no charge to assign this product to your account.

  • Easy to purchase credit

    Just select the amount of credit you wish to purchase (£20, £50 or £100) and pay using our simple and secure credit card payment system.
  • Pay as you go and Auto Top-up

    Once you’ve purchased credit, the balance on your account will start to be deducted as you use the service. Enable Auto Top-up on your pre-paid credit to allow you the flexibility to conference call whenever you need to without worrying about your balance!

Calls are charged at a rate per minute, so for example:

A 30 minute conference call, with 4 callers plus the Chairperson, all using a UK Freephone number (7p/min) would cost you £10.50:

7p x 30 mins x 5 participants = £10.50

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