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With Powwownow you only pay the cost of your own 0844 phone call – nothing more! View cost comparison

How it works

3 easy steps
  • Enter your email to generate your PIN
  • Share your PIN and dial-in number with your call participants
  • At the agreed time, all dial in, enter the PIN and start talking!

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Instant conference calls

There's no need to book your conference calls. You can use Powwownow on demand, 24/7.

Call Quality

Unbeatable call quality

Unlike almost all conference call providers, most of our conference calls use the exact same fibre optic cabling as your landline.

Want more from your conference call? Check out our other services:

Plus If you're calling regularly and want to save money, buy add-ons with Plus.

  • Save Money Buy a bundle of minutes to save money every month.
  • Personalise Personalise your call with a custom welcome message.
  • Cheaper Calls Offer cheaper calls for guests with freephone and landline numbers.

Premium Perfect if you're looking for a tailor made solution.

  • A unique service tailored to your business needs.
  • Your own dedicated account manager for support.
  • Access to all our meeting tools including screen sharing and video.

Call us now on 0203 398 0398 or Find out more

How our costs compare

This is what a chairperson would pay for a 1 hour conference with 4 participants (using the standard 0844 shared cost number):

Unlike other conference call providers, Powwownow doesn't charge the chairperson a "bridging fee" - they just pay the same low-call rate as all participants*.
Powwownow BT comparison
* Call charges may vary depending on your network provider.

Conference Call with Powwownow

Powwownow was founded in 2004 and is now the leading free conference call provider in the UK.

At Powwownow, we don't believe in doing things the hard way. That's why we offer instant conference calling, available 24/7, with as many participants as required, wherever they are in the world. And because our service is free, callers only pay the cost of their own phone call, which is added to their standard telecoms bill - nothing more!

Plus, because we are a telecommunications company in our own right, our customers can experience excellent quality calls with the maximum number of features for a low price.

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