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What It costs

It’s simple! Powwownow uses its own advanced technology and operates with low overhead costs. We truly believe in working smarter to make it easier (and more cost effective) for conference callers worldwide.

That's why, with our standard service, we do not charge you any kind of fee - you just pay for your own phone call and these charges appear on your phone bill in the same way as any other call. That's it!

With Powwownow, there are no bridging costs. Each conference call participant, including the chairperson, pays just 5.8p/min (+VAT and your phone company’s access charge) that’s it!. So the same one-hour call to an 0844 number using Powwownow would cost the chairperson a grand total of just £3.48 + VAT!

Always on the go and worried about expensive mobile charges?

When dialling-in to conference calls using a mobile phone, use our mobile shortcode to help save you money: Dial 87373 and enter your conference PIN as usual and you will join your conference. With some providers charging as much as 40p per minute, our mobile dial-in number is set at a standard 12.5ppm + VAT.

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A lot more for a little extra...

Our Premium business packages offer great value package deals to corporate customers who want additional features. Call us on 0800 022 9922 or 020 3398 0398 for rates that meet your business needs.