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How Conference Calling Works

Try it now in 3 easy steps

To Hold a conference call with Powwownow, follow these simple instructions:

Getting started

  1. Generate your PIN. Just type in your email address and one will be instantly generated for you.

  2. Tell your conference call participants what they need to know:

    • The time of the call
    • The Powwownow dial-in number
    • Your PIN
  3. Have a Powwow!

Holding a Powwownow

  1. At the agreed time, all dial 0844 4 73 73 73, or from a UK mobile use the shortcode 87373, for 12.5p a min + VAT. (Download international dial-in numbers)

  2. You will be asked for your PIN and then your name. If you are the first person to arrive on the conference call, you will hear music. As others arrive on the call, you will hear them being announced. When there are at least two people on the call you are ready to start talking!

  3. When you have finished your conference call, simply hang up. As each person hangs up, you will hear their name announced. When the last person hangs up, the conference call ends.

In-conference controls

Take advantage of the following control keys available during your conference:

# = Skip Intro:
Skips name recording and PIN playback when joining the call to make the process faster

#6 = Mute:
By pressing #6, an individual can mute and un-mute his/her handset

#1 = Head Count:
Allows you to review the number of people on the conference call

#2 = Roll Call:
This is a replay of all names recorded when people arrived on the conference call. All participants will hear the number of people and the roll call.

#3 = Lock:
Allows you to lock and unlock a conference call

#8 = Record:
Allows you to record a conference. To start the recording, press #8. (You will be asked to confirm this by pressing 1). To stop and save the recording, press #8 again and confirm or just hang up the phone.

Also available to Powwownow Premium users:

Your saved recordings will appear in myPowwownow a few minutes after your call ends, identified by the conference date and time. Here you can play the recordings or publish and share them with whoever you wish. We'll hold recordings for 60 days, or up to 6 months if published.

## = Mute All:
Enables the Chairperson to mute/un-mute all their participants

#7 = Private Roll Call:
Allows the Chairperson to hear who is on the call without participants hearing

#9 = Private Head Count:
Allows the Chairperson to hear how many people are on the call without the participants hearing


myPowwownow is your personal account area where you can manage your call settings, use the scheduler tool, access call recordings and much more.

To access myPowwownow simply log in with your registered email address and password. If you don't have a password yet, click here. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it here.

In myPowwownow you will be able to:

  • Request a free wallet-sized reminder card with your details on it: PIN, dial-in numbers etc
  • Schedule a conference using the or the Scheduler Tool - handy tools to organize your conference calls and invite your participants
  • Manage your call settings such as voice prompt language and the music on hold
  • Access recordings - listen, download and share your saved conference call recordings
  • Download Powwownow Web, so you can share your desktop and present documents while on your conference call
  • Change your hold music - Bored of your on hold music? Log in to myPowwownow and select your preferred tune!
  • Plus much more!

Also available to Powwownow Premium users:

  • Reports – generate reports on all PINs created and used plus on calls made on particular dates
  • Time-limited PINs - for booking high level or sensitive audio conferences

User guides

For detailed step-by-step user guides, simply click on the links below for printer-friendly summaries that you can keep to hand.