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Premium at a Glance

With Premium, you'll get the same no-hassle conference calls as our regular service. On top, you'll get added features including unlimited conference calls and conference call PINs, personalised welcome messages and a choice of 0844, 0800, local geographical and international phone numbers.

  • Tailor-made solutions with superior features

  • Unbeatable pricing

  • Trusted by brands like:

NHS Ethical Tea Partnership Met Office Arriva Lib Dems Marriott

To find out more, call us now on 0800 022 9781 (or +44 (0) 20 3398 0102 for mobile and international calls).

We're open Monday-Friday 8.30am-5.30pm.

Why Choose Premium?

Easy to use conference calls and web conferences


Unlimited conference calls - on demand

With Premium, you'll get unlimited conference calls, plus unlimited chairperson and participant PINs.

That means you can run as many conference calls as you like - at the same time.

And just like our regular service, conference calls can be scheduled or on demand.


Unbeatable quality

Unlike other conference call providers, Powwownow has a fully-owned infrastructure ensuring call quality is as good as your landline.

That's because almost all our conference calls use the exact same fibre optic cabling as your landline. And along with BT, we're the only conference call provider to have this quality.


Free, local or global numbers

Choose from a selection of phone numbers and rates for your conference calls. As well as the regular 0844 shared-cost numbers, you can also choose 0800 freephone, local or international numbers. That means you can give your attendees free or low-cost landline and mobile access from over 100 countries around the world.


Free instant web conferencing

You can now integrate your conference calls with web conferencing - and it's completely free.

That means you can instantly share your computer screen with your call's attendees (it's perfect for presentations). The attendees don't need to download or install anything - all they need is internet access.

Unbeatable extras


Branded welcome messages
When you sign up for Premium, you can customise your conference calls' welcome message to match your brand.


Real-time reporting
Run reports to monitor call participants joining and leaving conference calls, see how many people were on particular calls, what number they dialled to access the call and how long the call was for.


Instant call recording
Record your conference calls with one touch. Then you can review, download and share them with your colleagues, or keep them for your records.


Dedicated customer support
We're proud to have some of the best customer support in the industry. That's why 98% of our customers would recommend us.

What it Costs

The pricing of Powwownow Premium is customised to your exact needs. That way, you get everything you need - and don't pay for anything you don't.

Call us now on 0800 022 9781 or 020 3398 0102. One of our specialist consultants will build the right package for you and help you get started.

How Powwownow Premium saves you money

Powwownow is different from other conference call providers. That's because - unlike other services - we don't charge a "bridging fee". And because we are a telecommunications company in our right, we don't pass on any third-party supplier fees.

Your choice of dial-in numbers and rates

With Premium, you can choose from:


0844 shared cost numbers
Low call rate, all callers pay their own call charges of 5.8p/min (+VAT and your phone company’s access charge).


0800 freephone numbers
Free to callers, host will be invoiced monthly for all calls to this number.


Geographical numbers (eg 03...)
Perfect for mobile phone users.

Let's talk about how Powwownow Premium can help you:

0800 022 9781 or 020 3398 0102

We're open Monday-Friday 8.30am-5.30pm

Find out why 98% of our customers recommend us.

“Powwownow is very easy to use and very convenient and I would recommend other businesses use it”
Lindsay Tarrant (Business Management, NHS)

“[The Powwownow team] understand the core values of our business and have gone the extra mile to make sure we can communicate on demand.”
EMEA Sales Director, Global e-Learning Provider

“Since using Powwownow, I have seen a real improvement in customer interaction and retention.”
Principal - Financial Services

“Powwownow has made communicating with our clients straight forward and stress free. The branding of the interface gives a thoroughly professional feel for both our clients and our own staff around the globe.”
Rob Smith (Group IT Manager, Start Creative Limited)