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Powwownow Engage at a Glance

Why Powwownow Engage?

It’s a straight forward, smarter and easier way to communicate with colleagues, business partners and customers.

Powwownow, The Smarter Connection: Click here to download our whitepaper.

HD Video Calling

HD video conferencing makes calls more engaging, personal and more productive. HD quality provides a ‘real meeting’ experience, removing the frustration, distraction and delays of poor quality video calling.

Video allows you to connect and collaborate with multiple users at the same time.

Screen Sharing

Sharing your screen with your contacts brings your conversation to life and enables you and your colleagues to work on the same document at the same time as if you were sitting next to them in the office.

So, whether you’re working from home, in the office or with colleagues or clients in other locations, you can collaborate from anywhere in the world.

Phone and VoIP Conference Calling

You and your call participants have the option to make and receive calls in the most convenient way, depending whether you’re working on the move or from the office.

VoIP calls are free of charge and made through a headset attached to your PC. Conference calls made through a telephone are charged at competitive Powwownow conference call rates.

Instant Messaging

Chat one-to-one or in a group, with the ability to run multiple chats at the same time, with alerts that notify you when a message is received.

Using Instant Message you can see when people are available or away, meaning you can get instant answers to your quick questions.

Extra benefits

One Click Collaboration
Multiple communication tools in an easy to use single application. No complex technology or on-going IT support required.

Enable Remote IT Support
Screen sharing technology enables your IT team to provide remote support to employees who work from multiple locations.

Secure Communication
When using video calling and contact-to- contact communications from within the interface, all data is 128-Bit AES Encrypted.

Faster Communication
Presence allows you to see when your contacts are available, so you know the most appropriate way to contact them. Set your own Presence status to inform contacts of an appropriate time to contact you.

What It Costs

All you pay is a monthly subscription fee, there is no up-front investment and the service is simple to scale as your business requirements change.

How Powwownow Engage saves you money

Real-time communication means an increase in productivity whilst minimising company overheads and employee travel expenses. Using integrated VoIP calls helps reduce your call costs.

Unlike traditional video conferencing room systems no additional hardware is require, you can simply use your desktop PC, laptop with a camera and a headset or microphone.

To find out more about how Powwownow Engage can benefit your business, call us today:

0800 022 9900 or +44 (0) 20 3398 9900