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How Web Conferencing Works

Powwownow web conferencing allows you to chat, present documents and share your desktop with your conference call participants. Now everyone can see what you’re talking about!

If you are already registered with Powwownow simply download the software applications.

If you don't have a Powwownow account register here and we will send you a PIN and password which can be used for both voice and web conferencing.

Getting started

  1. Are you a Powwownow user?

    • If you are already registered with Powwownow simply download the software application
    • If you don't have a Powwownow account register here and we will send you a PIN and password which can be used for both voice and web conferencing
  2. Download and install the web application

  3. Once the application is installed, the start up window will appear

  4. Log in to the application with your email address and password

Hold a web conference instantly

  1. Start your web conference by clicking 'Web Conference' in the Get Started screen

  2. ‘Copy’ the website link and your unique PIN and send this to your participants via email

  3. Click on the 'Screen share' button to start showing your screen

  4. Participants join using a standard web browser and by visiting where they enter your unique PIN and their name

  5. When participants join, you will see them appearing on your Powwownow Web chat window. Participants are now viewing your screen.

Powwownow Web Application

Schedule a meeting

In the Get Started screen you can organise your next web or audio conference, by clicking 'Schedule a Meeting'.

You can schedule your next meeting by phone or email, simply give the details displayed to your attendees or send a calendar invite using Outlook or Google Calendar.

Once you have scheduled your meeting click 'Done' and this will return you to the Get Started screen.

Schedule a Meeting

Web conference controls

  • Pause: Allows you to pause your screen share so that your participants will see the last image frozen. Click 'Restart' when you're ready to continue sharing your screen.
  • Change quality: Allows you to select from 'Fastest/Low colour' to 'Slowest/Full colour', depending on your preferences
  • Remote control: Allows another user to control your keyboard and mouse
    1. Your participant need to click the 'Request Control' button in their screen sharing window

    2. You need to accept the request by clicking 'share' in the pop-up (permission is always required)

    3. The 'Release Control' button releases their control over your computer

    4. The 'Re-take Control' button can be clicked at any time by you in order to regain control

  • End Web Conference: Allows you to end your web conference

Powwownow Premium

Adding users

  1. Click on 'Find contacts' in the start button drop down in your screen sharing window

  2. Add contacts from your email and instant messaging accounts, or simply enter their email address

  3. Follow the simple steps and when you're finished we'll instantly send them an email with details of how to download and sign in to Powwownow web conferencing

Chatting and sharing your screen with your contacts

  • Chat and share your screen individually with each of your contacts by clicking their name.
  • Add other users to your conversation by clicking the 'Add Contacts' button on your chat window.
  • To show your screen to various contacts at the same time, click on the 'Start' arrow, 'Start Sharing your screen' and choose the contacts you want to show your screen to. Your participants will be notified when you have started screen-sharing.

Combine multiple IM account

With Powwownow web conferencing, you can have more than one instant Messenger account running at once. To add a MSN, Yahoo, AIM, etc. account to you Powwownow account click on 'Settings' and then on the 'External Accounts' tab.

All your contacts from your other IM accounts will appear in your Powwownow contact list.

User guides

For detailed step-by-step user guides, simply click on the links below for printer-friendly summaries that you can keep to hand.


Here are some helpful tips to enhance your web conference.