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Easy, Low-Cost Conference Calling

There has never been a product like it

  • Affordable. Only pay the cost of your own phone call - that's it! No contracts and no bills.
  • Simple to use. Don't worry about explaining to people how to use it. The simple 3-stage process makes it all perfectly clear.
  • It saves so much time. Why travel to a meeting when you can do it over the phone? Don't set a meeting for next week. Have a Powwow - now!

For business people with more sense than money...

At Powwownow, we don't want our customers doing things the hard way. That's why we offer you immediate conference calls, available 24/7, with as many people as you want speaking at an affordable price - we don't even need to know your name. Here are some of the ways we are different from the competition:

No registration forms to complete* You have to register all your details
No contract - no ties* You have to sign a contract
No booking required You have to pre-book the date, time, duration and number of participants
No fees or charges from us. You just pay the cost of your own phone call* Bridge fees or other charges usually payable. And check the cost of your phone call!
No invoice, no billing - ever! Charges appear on your phone bill in the same way as any other call. You get a bill every month
Talk for as long as you like! Exceed your limit and they might cut you off!
Offers a UK mobile shortcode (87373 for 12.5p a min + VAT) for cheaper mobile rates Do not offer a UK mobile shortcode
Free mobile app Haven't developed their own apps
Free web conferencing You will be offered a paid-for product
Free call recordings You have to pay for this featureYou will be offered a paid-for product
A choice of on-hold music and voice prompt language You only get one set option
Our own network - to better monitor, manage and resolve service issues. 3rd party telco networks are used
Handy wallet card Only Powwownow think about the small details!

*These do not apply to Powwownow business packages where customers opt for a competitively priced contract service