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Worldwide Landline Numbers

Worldwide Landline Numbers

A Landline number (eg 03…) is perfect for conference calling on the move as the numbers are generally incorporated in most mobile contracts' inclusive minutes. Callers dialling in from a Landline may also find these numbers are included in their Landline call packages, allowing you to call for free or for a very low cost.
For UK Landline numbers click here.

Here are some of the benefits

  • A UK number and over 50 international numbers including USA, Australia, China and India.
  • Pay as you go minutes to use as and when you need them, so you only pay for what you use.
  • Up to 50 participants per conference call, you can talk as long as you like and there's no need to book the conference.

What's the cost?

You and your participants dialling in from a landline or mobile may find these numbers are included in your call packages, enabling free or low cost local calls charged at their standard network rate by your telephone provider. As the Chairperson, all you pay in addition is a per min charge for you and your participants.

  • Easy to purchase credit

    Just select the amount of credit you wish to purchase (£20, £50 or £100) and pay using our simple and secure credit card payment system.
  • Pay as you go and Auto Top-up

    Once you’ve purchased credit, the balance on your account will start to be deducted as you use the service. Enable Auto Top-up on your pre-paid credit to allow you the flexibility to conference call whenever you need to without worrying about your balance!
Country City Type Rate per min
Argentina Buenos Aires Landline 7 pence
Australia Sydney Landline 6 pence
Austria Landline 9 pence
Belgium Landline 9 pence
Bulgaria Sofia Landline 9 pence
Canada Toronto Landline 6 pence
Chile Landline 6 pence
China Landline 15 pence
Croatia Zagreb Landline 7 pence
Cyprus Lefkosa Landline 7 pence
Czech Republic Prague Landline 7 pence
Denmark Landline 9 pence
Dominican Republic Landline 7 pence
El Salvador Landline 7 pence
Estonia Landline 7 pence
Finland Helsinki Landline 9 pence
France Landline 9 pence
Georgia Landline 6 pence
Germany Frankfurt Landline 7 pence
Greece Athens Landline 7 pence
Hong Kong SAR China Landline 15 pence
Hungary Budapest Landline 9 pence
India Landline 15 pence
Ireland Landline 9 pence
Israel Tel Aviv Landline 6 pence
Italy Landline 9 pence
Japan Tokyo Landline 7 pence
Latvia Riga Landline 7 pence
Lithuania Vilnius Landline 6 pence
Luxembourg Landline 7 pence
Malta Landline 7 pence
Mexico Mexico Landline 6 pence
Netherlands Landline 9 pence
New Zealand Auckland Landline 9 pence
Norway Oslo Landline 7 pence
Panama Landline 7 pence
Peru Lima Landline 7 pence
Poland Warsaw Landline 7 pence
Portugal Landline 7 pence
Puerto Rico Landline 6 pence
Romania Botosani Landline 6 pence
Russia Landline 9 pence
Singapore Landline 7 pence
Slovakia Bratislava Landline 6 pence
Slovenia Ljubljana Landline 9 pence
South Africa Landline 9 pence
Spain Landline 9 pence
Sweden Landline 9 pence
Switzerland Landline 9 pence
Taiwan Taipei Landline 15 pence
Turkey Landline 7 pence
United States Landline 6 pence
United States New York Landline 6 pence

Calls are charged a rate per minute, so for example:

A 30 minute conference call, with 4 callers plus the Chairperson, all using a UK Landline number would cost the Chairperson £8.70 (+VAT and your phone company’s access charge):

5.8p x 30 mins x 5 participants = £8.70 (+VAT and your phone company’s access charge)

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