A brief history of Powwownow and conference calling

Alexander graham

1876 - The telephone was invented

‘Ahoy' telephones! We wouldn’t exist if Alexander Graham Bell hadn’t invented the telephone.

First phonebook

1878 - First phone book released

The first phone book came out with only 20 pages. Not many people to conference call with then eh?

Push button phone

1963 - push button telephones

Imagine a day when having push buttons on your telephone was revolutionary. It was in November 1963 for Bell Systems anyway.

First mobile phone

1983 - first mobile phone

The dark age is over and mobile phones are available to buy, that is if you had $4000 (£600 today) to spare.

First mobile phone call

1985 - first public mobile phone

People gathered from far and wide to watch comedian Ernie Wise make the first public mobile phone call in London.

Powwownow born

2004 - Powwownow was born

Powwownow is born! No need to book meeting rooms or sort out billing any longer.

Web conferencing

2008 - Web Conferencing

Seeing is believing! We launched Web Conferencing so our customers could show their participants what they’re talking about.

Longest threeway call

2010 - longest threeway conference

We set the record for the longest threeway conference call at 24 hours long (though some meetings definitely feel that long).


2012 - Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing arrives! Now you can see all the smiling faces of your conference call participants.

Event conferencing

2013 - Event Conferencing

Some of our customers were having meetings so big that we launched Event Conferencing to help them run smoothly.

Bought by PGi

2013 - PGi

We were bought by PGi who have helped us to offer our customers the best conferencing software on the market.


2014 - iMeet launches

iMeet launches in the UK offering our customers an all-in-one meeting space for their conferences.

2016 - Powwownow Presents

2016 - Powwownow Presents

Powwownow's very own webcasting platform to help you run your large scale presentations online.

2016 - Screen Sharing

2016 - Screen Sharing

Free Screen Sharing to help users clearly and simply see what each other are talking about.

The Future - low-cost conference

Until everyone in the world can have a low-cost conference call at a moment’s notice, there’s no rest for us.

The Future

What makes Powwownow special?

Our customers always come first
Helping our customers to collaborate and get their work done is our first and foremost priority. Whether you’re using your phone, tablet or computer to connect, we work hard to achieve 99.9% uptime so that you can get talking whenever it suits you.
We invest in innovation
Behind the scenes we are regularly experimenting to improve our conference call service and suite of software products. We keep a close eye on what’s happening in the industry so that we can pass on the benefits of new technology to you, the customer.
We keep things simple
Rather than offer you too many extra features that you’ll never use, we’ve chosen to focus our service on quality. This means we put a lot of effort into make your experience with Powwownow as simple and intuitive as possible, so you can focus on your meeting instead of how to connect to it.
We listen to your feedback
Each time feedback is submitted to our support team, it is passed on to the relevant department and raised in our product meetings to help shape the future of our service. Your opinion is extremely valuable to us, so please make your voice heard.
We have an amazing team with decades of experience
Click ‘Connect’ to find out more about our management team from their LinkedIn profile.
Jason Downes

General Manager & SVP

Chris Martin

Chief Technology Officer

Andrew Johnson

Finance Director

Steve McGeary

Commercial & Telco Director

Simon Prince

Marketing Director


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We've got a great rating onTrustpilot
Great service is our priority, and that’s why our customers have given us such positive reviews
Excellent easy to use and reliable for…
Excellent easy to use and reliable for international conference calls. Occasionally have found that some phone systems don't enable dialling-in so suggest always cross check in advance and get all parties to do the same.
Tony Robinson
2nd May 2018
Great product!
Great product! Great for conference calls & screenshares. Easy to set up, only need to share the pin & details one time. Call quality is great as is screenshare. Nice and easy to use, and no complaints! Also great in-call feature...
Louise W
3rd April 2018
Today in Scotland we have red weather…
Today in Scotland we have red weather warning this service has been invaluable to us as a management team to make decisions on whether to open our shopping centre - we communicated all day within the management team via this servi...
Karen Ainslie
1st March 2018
Easy to set up and no technical issues
Easy to set up and no technical issues
Nikki Cunningham
19th February 2018
Such an easy service to use
Such an easy service to use. Free, simple and works every time. The site allows you to share the dial-up details and PIN with one click. Share the time slot with everyone in the call, dial the number, enter your PIN and that's it!
Peta Nightingale
13th February 2018
A great conference call service!
A great conference call service that is so easy to use
Paul Scoble
5th February 2018
Great service
Great service, does exactly what we need it to do.
8th January 2018
brilliant service
brilliant service, no fuss and simple to use. I would rate 100% so far! Excellent
Mr Shaw
7th December 2017
So easy to use and because of that I …
So easy to use and because of that I have utmost confidence in the product.
Andrew R Cooke
1st December 2017
No problems at all.
No problems at all.
Rob Mulligan
8th November 2017
Convenient and easy to use.
Convenient and easy to use.
Goitsemang Joanna
2nd November 2017
So quick and easy to use.
So quick and easy to use.
Shilpa Rasaiah
20th October 2017
Really easy to use and low cost …
Really easy to use and low cost conference call solution
Sarah Clements
20th October 2017
Used a few times now and it does the …
Used a few times now and it does the job!
Ralph Coulter
11th October 2017
I have asked for technical support but …
I asked for technical support and had problems obtaining the helpful advice I required. However, you have totally turned my negative experience into a positive one and Chris Martin has been ever so helpful. Thank you very much f...
Alison Abubaker
7th September 2017
Powwownow is rated 3.2/5 based on 464 reviews from the last 12 months.
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