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Executing a Smooth Transition

When a fast growing business is acquired, the handover can often be crucial in determining the future of its success (or failure).  Often people believe that if a company is growing substantially, it will inevitably continue to grow regardless of who owns the company but in reality, this rarely happens. At the end of 2013, [...]

Avoiding the Horror on Friday the 13th

#PowwowCOMMUTEMEnow so I can #AvoidTheHorror! The dreaded Friday the 13th is quickly creeping up on us (literally and metaphorically) and the typical feeling towards it includes angst, concern and general uneasiness. But why does it have to be filled with bad luck and/or all things unlucky? That is a question we asked ourselves and as a result, [...]

Counting the pennies

-with Andrew Johnson, our Finance Director Just like every other ambitious business out there, we run a tight ship-so that includes how we monitor the cash flow in and around our business. Growth that’s as fast as ours requires close attention to every penny, so it’s something that we consistently focus on. Recently, Premierline Business [...]

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