October 2009

Conference calls: 5 years of saving the world in so many different ways

Powwownow recently celebrated our 5th birthday, and, more importantly, we celebrated over 2 million conference calls for over 100,000 customers (101,597 to be exact), and over £21 million saved by picking up the phone instead of travelling to face to face meetings. Now these are impressive stats on their own, but being Powwownow, we thought [...]

Business innovation and the attack of the Harlequin ladybirds

  London is under attack. As I speak, thousands of airborne invaders fill the capital’s air, buzzing around its parks, crawling into buildings, tangling in people’s hair and generally creating disruption. I speak, of course, about Harmonia Axyridis, aka the Harlequin ladybird – and the latest in a long line of immigrants to threaten our [...]

Eat that frog

Whilst it must get credit for being one of the most unusual titles you’ll find on a business bookshelf, Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy also has to be one of the most useful. In essence, even though the book is 129 pages thick, it offers (in my humble opinion) just one really good piece [...]

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