May 2011

Twitter for Business? You bet!

There is no denying that more and more businesses are adopting Social Media at large as part of their overall marketing mix. There is also no denying the power of Twitter, not least when you think about GaGa’s 10.5m followers, or the recent premiership footballer scandal (what?). Nevertheless, what is often scrutinized is how to [...]

Powwownow save Public Sector 47%

As cuts continue to bite hard, public sector turns to UK’s leading conference call provider. In the wake of recent Coalition cuts to public sector services, Powwownow can now announce the huge saving potential of making a conference call. New research found on average, Powwownow has saved its last 10 public sector clients a remarkable [...]

Can the UK ever compete with Silicon Valley?

We read this morning that Milo Yiannopoulos, the free-lance tech journalist and sometime Telegraph columnist will be launching a transatlantic ‘Fund / Accelerator’ scheme for British Start Ups. The idea being, Yinanopoulos and co will take British firms and aim to launch them Stateside, primarily in and around Silicon Valley. On the surface that all [...]

Tech Conference’s – Are they really worth it?

Powwownow returned to the office yesterday disappointed having spent a large part of the week at ‘Internet World’. A series of 140 ‘unmissable’ free conference sessions promising to set the ‘new digital agenda’ proved not only to have no agenda, but worse still seemed very, almost certainly missable. We were promised so much with big [...]

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