August 2011

HP has paid £7bn for software company Autonomy. Good news for founder Mike Lynch – and debatably for the UK tech industry?

News broke late last week that UK software firm, Autonomy, was bought by U.S giant Hewlett Packard for a staggering £7bn ($11.7bn). As one of Autonomy’s customers (Powwownow uses Autonomy’s Teamsite CMS) we couldn’t help but wonder whether this was a good or a bad thing, generally speaking. Some people criticised the move, with many [...]

Solar Panels – Groupon Style: What’s stopping UK Business?

An innovative business development within the solar industry is now taking off thanks to a Groupon style approach to purchasing. With a view to dramatically increase the rate of solar adoption across residential and business properties, ‘One Block Off’ and ‘Solar@Work’, have respectively been making some pretty bold steps. This new business model leverages the [...]

Confused by Pay Per Click advertising? Let Powwownow explain.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is key to most online marketing campaigns today, and it’s often expensive and overwhelming. If the tedious nature and large time commitment required to run a successful — or even unsuccessful — PPC campaign has got you down, you are not alone. However, a good ROI makes it all worthwhile. Over 40% [...]

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