‘Out of Office’ Working-The New Way of Working

More and more people are beginning to realise that the rigid 9-5 working hours are dead-along with having to be in the office to be productive. Companies are empowering staff to work from any location that keeps them productive because along with the progression of technology, there have never been more channels of communication than [...]

Boycotting All Emails for #NoEmailDay

When is the last time you can recall seeing ‘no new emails’ in your inbox or [0] next to your unread emails at the start of your day? …Months ago? Maybe a year or two ago? Can’t remember? That’s because most of us spend a significant part of our day reading, sorting, replying and sending emails, which essentially [...]

Staying Connected and Keeping Costs Down with Flexible Workers

When businesses promote flexible working, they often find that staying connected can become difficult to maintain and for remote workers themselves, escalating utility bills often prevents their ability to keep costs down. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that staying connected is an arduous task to sustain and keeping costs down isn’t a feasible option, it just depends on [...]

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