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A Year with Symfony 2 (and what is Symfony 2 anyway?)

A couple of weeks ago I gave my first ever talk at a conference. Nerve-wracking stuff to be sure, but was it a positive experience? The Symfony Live conference, hosted at the exquisite Glaziers Hall on London’s South Bank, was aimed at software developers; a jeans and T-shirts affair with scarcely a suit in sight. [...]

Styling websites for those in a hurry (or just a bit lazy)

All web developers know that setting up the HTML and CSS for a new website can be time-consuming. Particularly when your requirements still include frigid browsers like IE6 and 7. A recent project has forced me to be a bit more “smarter” in my styling needs, so I thought I would share my tips with [...]

Security and lax syntax

Imagine you’re sitting in the pub trying to remember a film title and you just can’t, for the life of you, summon up more than the fact that it begins with an ‘N’ (or maybe a ‘D’) and it definitely has something to do with cars… and then your friend says “Casablanca” and you say [...]

Why I have to have an iPad in my life

Well, where do I start… I have always been into gadgets – got to have the latest phone, always on eBay looking for a good bargain, etc. I had various iPods in the past and then got myself an Archos AV700 Portable Media Player a few years ago. It is brilliant – 100GB hard drive so [...]

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