INFOGRAPHIC – The rise of video conferencing

Video conferencing is on the rise and with the introduction of new technologies – this is only set to continue. In a recent survey conducted by Powwownow, we found that an enormous 70% of SMEs would rather have a video conference than travel to meetings. And 75% of senior management surveyed agreed that video conferencing will replace conference calls and become the preferred method for business communication in the future. Businesses are constantly looking for ways to reduce business costs and keep businesses functioning on lower budgets – video conferencing allows them to do this.  Reducing travel costs and in some cases office costs too, as video conferencing allows a greater opportunity for remote working.

The Rise of Video Conferencing

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  1. shellydesuza

    Video conferencing is a required tool in all business organizations, it reduces the travel expenses and makes conferences possible instantly form any part of the world.


  2. video conferencing

    Those figures are amazing. I think the travelling aspect of the whole thing is a big factor. No one wants to travel for hours and waste money when they can do it from their own desk. Great article!


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