Although hosted voice can be implemented at any stage, there are a few occasions when applying the system is even more appropriate than others. Here are 3 of those key instances.

  • A PBX system isn't currently installed in your workplace
    If you have not yet implemented a PBX system within your business, then you are in the perfect position for choosing your software. Currently, you have the luxury of not being weighed down by supplier contracts, you have not invested in any hardware and you have significant cost savings and call features at your fingertips. This gives you the ideal platform to make the best choice for you. With hosted voice, you can take advantage of features like free internal calls, call grouping and device switching, enabling your business the flexibility to deliver the best customer experience possible.
  • You have a dispersed or flexible workforce
    If your employees are spread across different geographic locations, whether that be different offices, hot desks or their homes, hosted voice can significantly improve the efficiency of their communication internally and with customers. Not just because it is free to call any employee on any device with internet access, but also due to the large range of features available to manage a dispersed workforce. Using the admin portal, you can track usage, add/remove devices and add/remove the features as you see fit. This is ideal if members of your team travel regularly to meetings or sometimes work from home.
  • Growth is in the pipeline
    Any PBX system is great for a growing business because it enables you to improve internal and external communications. The advantage of a hosted system over a traditional on-premise solution is that everything is stored and managed in the cloud, meaning that the system can grow with your business while insuring the best security level. It is easy to add or remove devices, make changes to your feature set whenever needed, and technical updates will install in real-time. This means that your system always stays relevant, modern and flexible, ideal for an expanding company.

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