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    Free UK conference calls

    Dial into your conference call using the UK geographic number and PowWowNow won’t charge you a penny. If that wasn’t enough, these minutes are often included in your mobile and landline plans, meaning your chats will be totally free. So, call with all your might, you conference calling champ.
    3 Simple Steps

    Ready, steady, hello

    Conference call in 3 simple steps. Create your account, share your conference call details and everyone dials in (Hurrah!). You can access your dial-in numbers, call settings and more, all from your swanky PowWowNow Account. For those who like a spruced-up conference call experience.

    International calls

    A world of international numbers

    Over 140 dial-in numbers to be exact. Conference call with all your pals around the globe, ciao bello! When it comes to paying for your international conference calls, we offer shared cost, geographic and Freephone numbers. The choice is yours.

    Call Controls

    In-conference call controls (Ooo, fancy)

    You’re the boss when it comes to your conference call service. With great power comes great responsibility: introduce roll calls, mute noisy Guests or lock your conference call for more security. All done on your phone keypad. Careful, all that power could goto your head!

    Can't get enough of conference calling?

    You’re eager to learn as much as you can about conference calling. So are we! Our blog has many quick and easy tips to help you conquer the conference call!

    You call the shots, we answer!
    • Conference call 101 - Everything you need to know
    • Conference call etiquette 101
    • Troubleshooting conference calls
    • Top tips for conference calling

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    Keep up to date with the latest trends and news in our regularly updated knowledge base.

    How to improve your conference calls with 3 essential tools

    Overview Conference calling enables users to dial into a meeting from anywhere, making it ideal for businesses with remote workers, global offices or clients that work in other locations. Holding a meeting via a call is very effective in certain situations, however there may be occasions where that little bit extra is required. Here are […]

    Top tips for conducting video conference interviews

    According to a 2019 survey conducted by the institute of Student Employers, 47% of employers use video interviews. Welcome to the future, where the awkwardness of face-to-face job interviews is being replaced by a brave new world of video conference assessing. Just make sure to mind the hiccups these tips are designed to cure. So, […]

    Meetings in your pocket

    We love flexible working! We love it so much, we’ve made it even easier for you to join or host an online meeting wherever, whenever (within reason). Download our conference call app and see for yourself.

    Join conference calls instantly

    Send invites automatically

    Log in and manage your conferences

    Your conference call, your way

    We know every business is unique. So, we’ve made it super simple for you to make each conference call your own. From customised conferencing to operator assistance for those bigger events, it’s all yours. Own your conference call!

    • No contract or booking required You stay with us because you choose to
    • Worldwide conference call dial-in numbers Pick up the phone and say hello to the world
    • Personalised online account area Your account just how you like it
    We've got answers

    Frequently asked questions

    If you're new or looking for answers to your questions, this guide will help you learn more about our services and their features.

    Using our service is extremely easy. If you don't already have a PIN, simply click here to get one. If you already have a PIN but are unsure of what it is, then log into your dashboard to view it.

    First you need to let your Guests know the time and date of the call. They’ll need to know the PIN and dial-in number (be sure to send the mobile short code for those on the move). You can easily schedule a call by going to the scheduling tool tile within your account area. You’ll have multiple ways to schedule a call, including a copy to clipboard invitation, Outlook plugin and our mobile app.

    At the given time and date, everyone should dial into the call and enter the PIN when prompted. Once connected, you will all be placed into the same conference call.

    No, there is no limit to the duration of a conference call. However, we will automatically disconnect any conference lasting over 8 hours in case some Guests forgot to put the phone down!

    On our Basic and Standard plans, you will be limited to 50 callers for your conference call. On our paid plans there is no limit to the number of Guests who can join your conference call. However, we require 24h notice for calls with over 100 Guests. To book your call, please contact our Customer Service team or request a call back

    To change your on-hold music go to the on-hold music tile within your PowWowNow Account dashboard. Here you will see every on-hold music option, simply click the play button to listen to each track. Once you’re happy with your choice click the select button to update your on-hold music.

    You can change various call settings, including announcements and the voice prompt language, in yourPowWowNow Account. Simply log in and go to My PINs and click the 'Edit Call Settings' button.

    Our service is designed so PINs can be used again and again and your PIN remains the same for all your calls. If you require an expiration date on your PIN, we can offer Time-Limited PINs on our Enterprise service. For further details, please contact our Customer Service team or request a call back.

    On our Basic service, you can only have one PIN per email address. If you require multiple PINs for yourself or your colleagues, this is something we can offer on our Enterprise service. For further details, please contact our Customer Service team or request a call back. As an Enterprise customer we will issue you with a dual PIN-pair for additional security. Your Host PIN is the PIN you use to start, join and control a conference call. Your Guest PIN is the PIN you need to share with your call Guests every time you invite them to conference call. If you’d like to make the Host PIN entry optional, you can change the settings on your PIN in your PowWowNow Account.

    On the Basic service, you can only have one PIN per email address. If you require multiple PINs for yourself or your colleagues, this is something we can offer on our Enterprise service. For further details, please contact our Customer Service team or request a call back.

    Please note that recording is not available on our Basic plan. To view your recordings, sign into your PowWowNow Account, from here you can navigate to your ‘Usage and recordings’ page. Please select the recording you would like to download and click the download button; this will download your recording summary in PDF format.

    If you want to enjoy all the extra benefits of an online meeting, check out our Standard and Pro plans.

    For customers who have recording enabled, usage reports can be accessed online by logging in to your PowWowNow Account and going to the ‘Usage and Recordings’ tab. Here you can view a summary of your conference call, including the number of Guests connected.

    We only ask you to book your conference with us if you're expecting more than 100 callers.

    For easy ways to help schedule a call go to the scheduling tools tile within your PowWowNow Account dashboard. You’ll have multiple ways to schedule a call within the tile, including a copy to clipboard invitation, Outlook plugin and our mobile app.

    There are a range of features that you can access directly from your telephone keypad while you are on a conference call. For example, you can lock your call, mute Guests or hear a Guest roll call.

    Users who can’t remember their dial-in details, please login to your PowWowNow Account dashboard where you’ll find all your dial-in details on the left hand side.

    Your PIN number is valid for life, if you wish to change it for security reasons you will need to contact our Customer Service team to delete your PIN and initiate you with a new one.

    Yes! A personalised Branded Welcome Message is available as part of our Enterprise service. Please allow 7 working days for the message to be recorded and made live on the system.

    Your PowWowNow Account is your personal account area where you can access recordings, change your call settings, manage users and much more. 

    The username for your PowWowNow Account is the email address you used to register with. Your password would have been emailed to you in your original registration email. If you no longer have access to this email or wish to reset your password,  follow the on-screen instructions.

    If you have forgotten your password or wish to reset it, please follow the on-screen instructions. We will send you an email with a link to help you reset your password. If you do not receive this email, please check your junk folder.

    Customer success with PowWowNow

    Join the 1000's of businesses just like yours, using PowWowNow every day.

    As a new customer to PowWowNow, I found their video meeting tool very intuitive with clear icons, links and functions. During my meetings the video has always been of very high quality and now I'm using it every day to communicate with clients. Their customer service is fantastic - very happy.

    Samantha Thompson

    Marketing Manager

    Tech Company

    Everything about the PowWowNow Webinar platform is easy to use. The sound quality is excellent, which is critical in today’s remote-working environment. Its transformed how we communicate with our clients and colleagues, and we’re now hosting webinars almost daily. Any questions we have are responded to very quickly, through their excellent customer service and Account Manager support. It has proved to be an invaluable tool for our business, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone else.

    Francine Keating

    Proposition Development Manager
    Punter Southall Wealth

    Wonderful service and support - as an elderly group, none of us had used a conference call system before, but PowWowNow's instructions and support have been way beyond our imagination and we're now confidently making calls 4 times a week. Thank you for making life more bearable for a group of people suffering from lockdown during the COVID-19 crisis.

    Dave Bone

    Church Leader
    Trent Vale Gospel Hall

    Whatever your conference callingneeds are, you can rely on us

    Whether your hopping on a call with three or 50 Guests our call service won’t let you down. Our crystal-clear audio makes conference call chatting a breeze!