Glossary of Terms

When it comes to conferencing, there are a lot of terms that are used that may not be familiar to everyone. So to make things easy, we've created a glossary of terms that can act as your dictionary for all things conference calling.

Shared Cost numbers

Shared Cost numbers are numbers that are charged to each individual participant dialling into a call. When it comes to conference calls, charges appear on their normal telephone bill and they only pay for the amount of minutes they dialled into a call for, rather than the host paying for the whole call. These are 0844 numbers in the UK and are available to our conference call, Extras and Premium customers.

Freephone numbers

Freephone numbers are toll free, and are free for participants to call. With these numbers, the chairperson on the call pays for the minutes that the participant using the number makes. These are 0800 numbers in the UK and is available to Extras and Premium customers.

Geographic numbers

Geographic numbers are local area numbers within a country and are therefore usually low-cost. In the UK, they are typically 03 numbers. The chairperson will be charged for the minutes used by participants, although they are often included within mobile and landline calling packages. Find out more about Geographic numbers here. This type of number is accessible to Extras and Premium customers.

Mobile shortcode

Mobile shortcodes are shortened Shared Cost telephone numbers used to dial into a call from a mobile. By dialling a short code from a mobile, customers are charged a lower rate than they would if they used the equivalent shared cost number.


VoIP is an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol. It refers to accessing a phone service over the internet, but is not as good audio quality as dialling into a conference call using a landline or mobile.

Conference call

A conference call is a call between three or more people. It is a popular alternative to in-person meetings as it is accessible at any time and can be run at the drop of a hat. Find out about our conference call service here.

Video conference

A video conference is a conference call with audio and video integrated for participants to see everyone on the call as if they were in the same room. Find out about our video conferencing service here.

Web conference

A web conference is a conference call with audio and visuals integrated for participants to see each other's webpage or documents on their computer. Find out about our web conferencing service here.


A webinar is a seminar that is run online that allows for two-way communication. It is an effective tool to present and interact with participants no matter how large or small the audience is. We offer iMeetLive to our customers to make large meetings simple and easily manageable. See how it can suit your business here.


A webcast is an online tool that enables users to present to a wider audience through one-way communication. It is a way to broadcast or stream a media presentation to a large audience and can be distributed live as well as after the webcast if it is recorded.


A PIN is a unique six digit code that acts as a password to joining your conference call. It is shared with participants so they can all join the same conference call at the time of the meeting.

Chairperson PIN

A Chairperson PIN is a specific PIN for the host to dial into their conference call. This is used for added security and is provided to Extras and Premium customers only. Customers with a Chairperson PIN will also have a Participant PIN to distribute to their participants invited to their call.

Please note: if you're not sure whether you have a Chairperson PIN or not, log into My Powwownow and this will display your PIN/s. If you only have one PIN, then you and your participants all use that one to dial into your conference call.

Participant PIN

A Participant PIN is for all participants (except the host/chairperson) to dial into the host's conference call.

Screen sharing

Screen sharing is an online tool that enables users to share their screen with other participants. It is integrated and comes free with our conference call service. Get instant access to screen share here.

My Powwownow

My Powwownow is the portal for Powwownow customers to manage and personalise their service. Here you can change your on-hold music, access your call recordings and find quick links to easily find features that come with our service.

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