Setting up a conference call is quick and easy with PowWowNow. Businesses need to be able to run their meetings at a drop of a hat, and conference calls facilitate just that. Not only does it need to be quick to get access to a conference call service but it also needs to be quick to set up a conference call and join it as well. Here's how you can get instant access to set up, schedule and join a conference call:

First things first

To set up your conference call, you need to generate your PIN by simply entering your email address here. This will give you instant access to your unique PIN, along with dial-in numbers for you and your participants. (If you're looking for a wider range of numbers at cheaper rates, you can get that with Extras, or for a tailored approach with a dedicated account manager, you can try our Premium service).

Now, all you need to do is share the dial-in numbers and PIN with your participants so they can dial into the conference call.

How to schedule a conference call

1.Create a meeting invite via email or calendar invite - as you would usually when you're booking a meeting

2.Add the participants you want to invite, along with the time and date of the meeting and change the location to a 'Conference Call'

3.Provide the dial-in numbers and PIN in the body of the invite and briefly explain how to join the call. For example:

If you've got participants dialling in from abroad, simply visit our numbers page to find the right number for the country your participants are in so you can all keep your costs down.

4. Press send!

Or you can let our scheduler tool do all the work for you!

With our scheduler tool, we'll send the meeting invite to you and your participants for you. All you have to do is enter your participant's email addresses, decide when you want to have your meeting and let us know where your participants are dialling in from and we'll provide all the relevant dial-in numbers and PIN so you can avoid manually sending it yourself.

That means no more typos, no more trouble remembering the dial-in numbers and no more fuss trying to remember your PIN so you can stay productive and let us do what we do best!

How to enter your conference call

Entering your conference call is quick and simple with PowWowNow, so you can get on with your meetings without any fuss and stay productive.

At the agreed time of your conference call, all you have to do is:

1 Dial in

Simply dial into the call using the dial in number for the country you're in.

2 Enter PIN

When prompted, enter your PIN

3 Start talking

State your name once prompted and begin your meeting.

Want to enter your call even faster? Just when you thought it couldn't get more efficient, you can get access to our one click to dial in feature with our mobile app or digital wallet card.