What is conference calling

Conference calling is a term used to describe three or more people on a phone call. It allows people from different locations to run their meetings over a call so they can get their job done faster.

Being able to dial in from anywhere at any time of the day, it's ideal for businesses with remote workers, multiple offices and/or colleagues or clients that work in locations, as it allows people to stay connected wherever they are.

With Powwownow, we offer three options for our conference call service to suit your needs:

Free PIN

If you're looking to get instant access to a conference call service, then this is for you. We'll give you a whole range of Shared Cost numbers for the UK and overseas, and the best part is that you only need to enter your email and we'll give you a PIN straight away!


If you make multiple conference calls a month, you can save with our minute bundles. We'll give you access to Shared Cost, Freephone and Geographic numbers for all over the world so you and your participants can better manage your monthly costs.


We'll give you the full range of 140+ local and international dial-in numbers as well as a dedicated account manager. Not only do you get conference calling, you can also get video and web conferencing as well as Powwownow Presents.

Benefits of conference calling

  • Reduced travel expenses
  • More flexibility
  • Better connectivity with colleagues and clients overseas
  • Great for last minute meetings
  • You can work from anywhere
  • Low cost

Screen share with conference calls

Now you can add Screen Share to your conference calls - for free! We understand that although conference calls are a great way to get things done, sometimes, you need to add visuals so you can explain what you're presenting to your audience.

It's quick and easy to set up, and you can do it any time. You can find out how to screen share here.

Screen share with conference calls

What you get with Powwownow

When you sign up for one of our conference call services, you don't just get a conference call service, you get much more than that.

With Powwownow, you also get a whole bunch of free features:

Hate having to send the calendar invite to all your participants and having to remember all of the dial-in numbers for the countries they're in and the correct PIN? Well our scheduler tool will send out the invite to you and your participants for you!

You'd be surprised how passionately people feel about on-hold music, especially when they have to listen to it all the time. Luckily for you, you can change your on-hold music whenever you like and you can even take the quiz to find out what's best suited to you.

Our mobile app is great for conference calls on the go. You can dial in with just one click, you can invite participants via text message, schedule a call and manage your settings from just one place.

Just in case you missed it. We offer free screen share to all of our customers so you can enhance your conference calls by adding visuals. So now, your calls can become more engaging for your participants.

We create a lot of great content, and don't want you to miss out. So you can get instant access to all of our guides and eBooks. Here you can find our Remote Working Guide for London, our Flexible Working Guide for Employees and Employers, our Guide to Succeeding in Social Media and much more!

We've got two options. A printed wallet card comes with your dial-in numbers and PIN on a business card size so you can keep it with you wherever you go. But if you want it on your phone, you can also get our digital wallet card. This will save your details to your phone as a contact so when you dial in, you don't need to enter any dial-in numbers or PIN, it'll do all of that for you.

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