has merged with Powwownow

By bringing the two brands together we aim to give you an improved service with a host of extra benefits that you haven’t been able to enjoy until now.

Same great service, extra features

Powwownow acquired Conference Genie in 2013 and has been the background telecommunications infrastructure for the past three years, giving Conference Genie customers the best in audio quality.

Same great audio quality
Same call rates
Full set of international numbers

Instant, hassle free conference calling

Get started with your email address in just a few seconds.

As a Powwownow customer you will get to experience all these great features:

A completely free add on tool for audio customers, that allows you to be able to share your screen at the same time as a call.
Call recordings
Don't waste time writing down notes during your call, record the session and share around afterwards. Now you can concentrate on what is being said!
With Powwownow you also get the ability to use our free scheduling widget that lets you create an Outlook calendar reminder from your desktop or mobile phone.
Never be bored again waiting for your participants to join the call. Choose from 10 different tracks to suit your mood and the tone of your call.
For calls on the go. Simply log into the Powwownow mobile app and your numbers and PINs will be there – you can either schedule a call via email, arrange an immediate call via text or join a conference now in one simple click.
Gives you account management, customer portals and a range of geographic and Freephone numbers to connect with participants anywhere in the world.
If you wish to continue using your Conference Genie dial-in numbers, please find them here.

If you have any questions, please contact our friendly customer service team to find out more about the benefits of becoming a Powwownow customer

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