Operator assisted calls for those extra special events

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    Make big events a breeze, meet our operator service

    Support every step of the way, worldwide reach & fast decision making

    Support every step of the way

    All calls are answered by an operator with an introduction of your choice – Hello, Hi, Word up – get creative. Run a silky-smooth event and chat with other speakers and the operator pre and post conference (pat-on-the-back)


    Host worldwide events

    Join forces with colleagues and clients from around the world. Operator assisted calls are ideal for training, investor relations or Town Hall rallies. Everything from small lunch meetings to jam packed one-to-many events.

    Fast Decision Making

    Decision making via web conferencing

    Join forces with colleagues and clients from around the world. Operator assisted calls are ideal for training, investor relations or Town Hall rallies. Everything from small lunch meetings to jam packed one-to-many events.

    If your names not down...

    Password protected or PIN only access for that extra peace of mind. No riffraff.

    Live feedback, brilliant!

    Q&A or polling sessions via audio or web or both. Get that all-important feedback, whether positive or ‘constructive’, it all helps, honest.

    Worldwide access

    With over 100 access points across the globe, and multilingual operators available, you can leave the dodgy translations at home.

    Operators are seasoned pros

    It’s simple, we’re here to help you host a seamless and successful event. Just good old-fashioned customer service.

    Your slides, your rules

    A simple presentation or one of those funky interactive ones with zany animations. Why not go the full-shebang and add a webinar?

    Replay, again and again

    Dial the provided number, enter your PIN and replay your operator assisted call. Because sometimes an mp4 recording just isn't enough.

    Itching to become a video conferencing visionary?

    You scratch our back we’ll scratch yours (intellectually of course). We’ve got loads of tips and tricks to help you become a video conferencing extraordinaire and boss that online video meeting room!

    • Video call 101: Everything you need to know
    • Troubleshooting 5 common video call issues
    • Conquering video call confidence issues
    • Video call etiquette: The unwritten rules

    We love to Pow Wow

    Keep up to date with the latest trends and news in our regularly updated knowledge base.

    How to improve your conference calls with 3 essential tools

    Overview Conference calling enables users to dial into a meeting from anywhere, making it ideal for businesses with remote workers, global offices or clients that work in other locations. Holding a meeting via a call is very effective in certain situations, however there may be occasions where that little bit extra is required. Here are […]

    Top tips for conducting video conference interviews

    According to a 2019 survey conducted by the institute of Student Employers, 47% of employers use video interviews. Welcome to the future, where the awkwardness of face-to-face job interviews is being replaced by a brave new world of video conference assessing. Just make sure to mind the hiccups these tips are designed to cure. So, […]

    Green for go - Meet active speaker

    Forget the ‘who said that’ guessing game. With active speaker, we highlight the person doing the talking so you can focus on your online video conference with fewer distractions. We also literally put names to faces so you can keep a track of who’s who in each video call. Pretty useful when you’ve got 20 new names to learn.

    Customer success with PowWowNow

    Join the 1000's of businesses just like yours, using PowWowNow every day.

    As a new customer to PowWowNow, I found their video meeting tool very intuitive with clear icons, links and functions. During my meetings the video has always been of very high quality and now I'm using it every day to communicate with clients. Their customer service is fantastic - very happy.

    Samantha Thompson

    Marketing Manager

    Tech Company

    Everything about the PowWowNow Webinar platform is easy to use. The sound quality is excellent, which is critical in today’s remote-working environment. Its transformed how we communicate with our clients and colleagues, and we’re now hosting webinars almost daily. Any questions we have are responded to very quickly, through their excellent customer service and Account Manager support. It has proved to be an invaluable tool for our business, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone else.

    Francine Keating

    Proposition Development Manager
    Punter Southall Wealth

    Wonderful service and support - as an elderly group, none of us had used a conference call system before, but PowWowNow's instructions and support have been way beyond our imagination and we're now confidently making calls 4 times a week. Thank you for making life more bearable for a group of people suffering from lockdown during the COVID-19 crisis.

    Dave Bone

    Church Leader
    Trent Vale Gospel Hall

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