Getting the most out of Extras

Extras makes the cost of conference calling cheaper for you and your participants. With minute bundles, you are able to get a set amount of minutes per month at a flat rate so there's no additional charges or (bad) surprises on your bills at the end of the month. To keep things flexible, you can also upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time as there's no cancellation fee.

But once you've got Extras, it's about getting the most out of the package you've chosen. So here's how:

Sharing minutes

As an Extras customer, you have the option to keep all of your minutes for your own personal use, or you can share them with a couple or all of the participants on the conference call.

If you don't want to share your minutes, then only you join the call using one of the in-bundle dial-in numbers, and give your participants dial-in numbers that aren't in your bundle. You can also find out how to set up a conference call.

If you do want to share your minutes with certain or all participants, then all you need to do is provide a dial-in number included in your bundle. The minutes they spend on the conference call will be deducted from your bundle, as it is measured by the total minutes used from your in-bundle dial-in numbers.

If you provide an out-of-bundle number to your participants, then the number of minutes that the customer uses will not affect the minutes in your bundle allowance. So the number you share with your participants could be a Shared Cost, Freephone or an out-of-bundle Geographic number. If you would like to find out the difference between the types of numbers, you can find it in our glossary of terms.

Tip: Keep an eye on what dial-in number you give to your participants. If it's included in your bundle, it will be used as part of your minutes. If the dial-in number isn't, then it won't be deducted from the amount of minutes in the bundle - and this applies to anyone that dials in, whether it's you or your participants.

Splitting minutes

If you purchase a 500, 1000 or 3500 bundle, you also have the ability to split your minutes between PIN pairs. A PIN pair refers to the Chairperson PIN and Participant PIN for a conference call.

You can easily create a new PIN pair on your account through My Powwownow. Any new PIN pair created on the account will automatically have the bundle applied to it.

Ideal for teams and small businesses, splitting minutes means that with one bundle, you can have one account for your whole team or wider business. And with a different PIN pair for each colleague there's no risk of conference calls clashing. An additional benefit to splitting minutes is that you can also track the usage of your colleagues or teams by the amount of minutes used on each PIN pair. So you'll know who is or isn't utilising their conference call service.

Tip: If you've got a 500, 1000 or 3500 bundle, make sure you create as many PIN pairs as you need so you don't end up clashing on a conference call with the wrong participants. There's no additional cost for creating multiple PIN pairs, so if you want to better manage your Extras account, take advantage of it!