Screen sharing is a great way to enhance your conferencing calls. But when you're adding a visual element to your meetings, there are a couple of things you can do to make sure everything stays safe for work and profesh.

Here are our top tips:

1. Inform your Guests that you’ll be screen sharing

Let your Guests know you plan on sharing your screen. This will prevent any hiccups and confusion from Guests, reassuring them that nothing is broken. This also lets them know that they will need a screen and can’t just rely on their friendly neighbourhood spider phone.

2. Test it out first

If you’re a screen sharing virgin, no problem, we’ve all been there. Just make sure you practice before hand and know exactly how it works. This will avoid any first-time nerves and help you feel confident when you come to use it in a meeting.

3. Turn off your desktop notifications

When you're sharing your screen with your Guests, it's best to turn your desktop notifications off so you don't see any email or instant message notifications popping up on everyone's screen to read - particularly if it's private!

4. Make sure you’ve got reliable internet

To avoid any awkward dropouts and glitchy moments, having a reliable internet connection will make sure your screen sharing tool works perfectly and runs without a hitch.

5. Pick what screen you’ll be sharing

If you’ve got multiple screens that you’re connected to, make sure you pick the right screen you want to share, avoid sharing your latest dinner recipe or Amazon purchase!

6. Have your documents ready

If you want to keep your meeting professional, have all your documents ready and open to share so you don’t leave your Guests waiting and ranting on about how you should hurry up and find that PowerPoint!

7. Check in with your Guests

Before you start your presentation and get carried away with your meeting, check in with your Guests and see whether they can see your screen – otherwise they won’t understand what you’re explaining!

8. Make sure you’re prepared

If you’re sharing your screen, it’s easy to focus on everything your Guests are going to see, but you need to think about what you’re going to say. Prepare some punchy (pow) and concise notes that summarise what they are seeing on the screen.

9. Don’t be afraid to use your screen share controls

If you need to pull a document up at the last minute, your Guests don’t need to come on the file exploring journey with you. Don’t be afraid to temporarily stop sharing your screen while you find the files you need (just try not to take forever). Your Guests will remain in the session and you can easily start sharing again once you’re sorted.

10. Don’t forget to exit

So, your screen share has run without a hitch, but when you're finished make sure you remember to exit your screen share, otherwise the rest of your Guests will continue to be able to see your screen after your meeting has ended! Which has the potential to be rather awkward!

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