What is screen sharing?

Screen sharing is a tool that enables users to share their screen with other participants on their conference call. By adding a visual element to their conference call, it enhances the experience of their meetings so users can better understand the presentation or topic being explained.

With Powwownow, screen sharing is an added feature that comes free for our customers. You can find out how to screen share here.

Why add screen share?

Why add screen share?

Why add screen share?

At times, a conference call does the job perfectly, but others, you need to add a visual element to explain what you're presenting.

Whether that be a presentation, a pitch or an explanation of a new process, screen sharing is perfect for doing just that.

Particularly for teams that work flexibly, or work from different locations, it is a great way for users to work together on projects regardless of where they're working from.

The benefits of screen share

The benefit of Powwownow Screen Share is that it doesn't require any booking or scheduling for it to work. Users simply share a single-use unique URL at the time of their meeting. There is no restriction to how many times they can use the screen sharing tool as a new URL is generated at the end of each meeting.

How to screen share

Screen sharing is a great tool to keep your customers engaged and to get a visual understanding of what you're explaining in your meeting.

1 - Start your screen share by going to www.powwownow.co.uk/screen-sharing/launch

Remember: you have to be logged in. If you're not already a Powwownow customer, that's ok! You can still get instant access to screen sharing by entering your email address here.

2 - Share the unique, single-use URL with your call participants and dial into your conference call using your regular dial-in number and PIN. If this is your first time using the product you will first be prompted to download and install a small file.

3 - Launch your screen share by pressing the ‘Start Screen Share’ button. Participants on your call can view your screen via the URL.

Remember: this is a single-use URL, so you'll need to launch it at the time of your meeting. But don't worry, you can generate a new URL as many times as you like!

How to schedule a conference call with screen share

1 - Invite your participants as you would for a normal conference call by sharing your dial-in number/s and PIN. Make sure you tell them that you'll be sharing the single-use screen share URL at the time of the call.

2 - At the time of your meeting, go to www.powwownow.co.uk/screen-sharing/launch to get started.

3 - Simply follow the prompts on the screen: share the single-use URL, dial in to your conference call and start screen sharing.