3 ways unified communications can help transform your business

How does this sound? Easy, cohesive, cross-device communication with anyone in your business anywhere in the world. Unified communications gives you that. It’s a potential game changer, when it comes to helping transform your business.

Unified communications means channelling many kinds of business discussion into one platform that ‘lives’ in the cloud. So, employees could exchange messages, have voice conversations, send files, and more, all via one communication network. Because it’s in the cloud and bought as a service, companies don’t need to worry about maintaining or managing it.

Below, we explore three ways unified communications can benefit your company and take your business to the next level.

1.  Make your business more efficient

Transformation: Faster communication and an improved bottom line because costs are lower

Implementing a unified communications approach in your business can make things more efficient – logistically and financially.

By using one unified system, rather than numerous individual networks, you can keep things like your voice callingweb meetings, and instant messaging in one place. That could be quite the transformation for a company that’s finding there are lots of crossed wires and missed messages because of working across multiple, non-unified networks and devices.

Cohesive comms allows your employees to communicate more effectively because conversations happen in one place. They might take different forms – voice, video etc. – but the point of call is the same place. Threads don’t start in one channel and end somewhere else. And everyone who needs to be in a given conversation can be.

Integrating all your technologies into a single, cloud-based communications platform gives employees a single point that connects all tools of communication.

From a cost standpoint, unified communications is based around an internet connection – there won’t be any large phone bills at the end of the month. Additionally, unifying your company’s communication network maintains a single cost that you can manage with ease. One cost going out, one contact point.

Furthermore, features can be scaled up or down hassle-free as your needs change. And because it’s in the cloud there’s little need to invest in communications equipment as your staff numbers change.

2. Support remote working

Transformation: Employees are happier because they can work when are where they want

Remote and flexible working is becoming more common practice, so it’s important for your business to adapt accordingly. Introducing a unified communications network makes it seamless for your employees to work flexibly. They can stay in the loop on all their projects via instant chat groups, or be contacted for a call if something goes wrong, because their devices are connected to the same unified communications network as everyone else.

Choosing a cloud-based unified communications will help transform your business by enabling employees to work wherever they want without affecting productivity. Because the whole business is connected to the same system, communication flows as if everyone is in the office. Similarly, you can connect with partners and clients remotely as if you were at your desk.

This approach is particularly beneficial for staff remote working late or early who require round-the-clock access to messages and more. Instead of having to wait for the office to wake up, employees can just get on with things.

3. Improve client services

Transformation: Client problems are solved faster

There’s always room to offer a better service to clients, and incorporating a unified communications system can make it easier to react to customer requests.

Unifying your communications allows employees to be more contactable to offer help and find information quickly for clients. Potentially even out of hours – it’s possible for staff to be on the same network on their phones at home.

Having a single point of communication streamlines your business and allows your employees to act promptly to internal and external challenges. Everyone is connected so it’s possible that there’s always someone to answer the phone.

Unified communications can help to transform your business, encouraging more efficient working from the office and further afield as well as offering the ability to be more agile, making you a more attractive proposition for clients. Create a single point of communication throughout your company and take your business to the next level.