5 benefits of web meetings Blog

Web meetings are an efficient way for colleagues and clients to ­stay connected when they’re in different locations. Although conference calls are great for catch ups and making quick decisions, sometimes we need more than just audio to get the job done. For longer, more in-depth meetings, such as project work, interviews, training sessions and collaborating with colleagues, online events are much more suitable. But what are the benefits? We’ve listed the top 5 benefits below.

If you’re working on a project with other colleagues, audio is essential, but equally, so are visuals. With web meetings, you can see what people are saying rather than only listen to it. And by adding visuals – whether through screen share, video or document share – it helps your audience stay present and attentive during your meetings.

There’s nothing worse than having to travel in for one meeting, especially if it requires many of you to travel a large distance. Instead, web meetings help cut business expenses by moving meetings online and utilising the software available to their company.

Not only does it help save travel costs, but it also helps save valuable time. Often to get to a meeting, you need to leave early to make sure you’re not late to your destination, consider any possible delays to your journey, as well as spend more time making sure you’re prepared. With a web conference, not only are you able to join from anywhere with Wi-Fi,  but you can also ensure that all your participants aren’t wasting hours trying to get to and from the location, enabling them to spend their time preparing for the meeting instead.

Particularly if you have remote workers, agencies or clients that you don’t often see, online meetings can help improve both team and customer relations. By being able to turn on your webcam and add video to your meetings, face-to-face interaction can really help maintain and grow your relationship with those you work with – as if they were in the same room as you. Video also helps people understand what is being said, by being able to see the non-verbal aspects of communication such as body language and facial expressions.

Regardless of what industry you’re in, communication is always key. With 56% of UK employees feeling as though their managers aren’t open to discussing changes, being able use web conferencing as a key tool in you arsenal opens up the floor to even remote employees. It’s time to build better relationships with the people you work with, adapt to how each other work and produce better work as a team.

With the nature of online events being online, it also reduces the risk of meeting clashes. Common pain points of in-person meetings are when someone else’s meeting overruns into the time you have booked a room, or when someone can’t make it into the office. However, with web conferencing, individuals have their own virtual meeting room that participants can join from wherever they are. So, by moving meetings online, the host and participant can be more flexible – without having to be concerned about people using their meeting room or being late.

Online events are also made to suit your needs. What starts off as a video call can easily change to a screen share or simple VoIP based conference – ensuring that you have the tools easily at hand to get what you need out of your meeting.

One of the biggest benefits of using online meeting tools is that you’re no longer restricted to hiring talent based on their proximity to your office. Instead, you have a much wider pool of applicants that can work flexibly and still stay connected as if they were in the same room as their colleagues. More often than not, the talent you want isn’t within a couple miles of your office, and with more and more people less willing to put up with long commutes, it means that you can hire the best possible talent for roles you’re looking for.

So there you have it, some of the top benefits when it comes to web conferencing.

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