5 Things to Remember In Phone Based Customer Service
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5 Things to Remember In Phone Based Customer Service

16th April 2014
By Jacqui Beel

Even in today’s digital world, the phone is often the best form of communicating a message. Sometimes however we often don’t put enough thought into the phone call and what is actually happening. Here we give our top tips for what to remember when using your phone to speak to customers.

1. Speed

If someone is calling you, answer quickly. For many customers, a phone call is the first impression they have of your business. In Powwownow we try to answer all calls within three rings and pride ourselves on having no IVR technology in place. A customer will often get annoyed after more than three rings, and you don’t want to keep them on hold for more than ten seconds. Pick up your business phone with a sense of urgency.

2. Always be Helpful and Cheery

It is true what they say, if you have a smile on your face when you speak, it can be heard by the recipient.  We all have bad days, especially if you are receiving lots of the same call about a particular problem. But always remember, the customer hasn’t had all those conversations, so getting stressed on the phone with them isn’t acceptable. It is important to try and answer the phone in a cheerful, upbeat way every single time. Most businesses have in place a standard greeting, having a formal greeting in place makes the customer feel at ease as well as confirms they have reached the right place, ours for example is: ‘Good Morning, Powwownow, Aurelie speaking, how may I help?.

3. Find out What the Issues Are

By starting the conversation with ‘How may I help?’ you have already started to open the dialogue to see what issues there are. But our Customer Service team don’t only receive calls regarding issues that they are having. They often receive calls for other team members. It is important that if these team members aren’t available that you see if there is anything you can do to help, or offer to provide an email address, or see if they want to leave a message on their voicemail. Providing options, shows you are a helpful business, looking to make people’s lives easier.

4. Solutions not only problems

Once you have found out what the call is regarding, if it does relate to issues a customer is having, see if you can help find them a solution. It is often good practice to see if they have a solution they would like to see implemented, ask them and see if there is anything you can do to help solve it with them, exactly how they want. That way, they are likely to leave happier, telling people what great customer service your company offers.

5. Stop… think… hang up

Before the call is finished, repeat important information before you hang up the phone. Make sure you know if there are any further actions you need to complete, and always end on a positive note.