5 Useful Tips for Your YouTube Business Channel

YouTube is one of many possible social media channels that you might consider using for your business – but where do you start and how do you know what to do with it? Ultimately, you need to know that it is going to be of benefit to your business, and how.

YouTube provides a forum for people to connect, inform and inspire others across the globe and acts as a distribution platform for original content creators and advertisers both large and small.

Anyone can have a YouTube channel as it’s simple to use, from providing steps on getting started to guidelines for participating in the YouTube community.

It’s a great way of sharing your brand with the world! By sharing content on YouTube, you can present your company as a thought leader by uploading videos to support marketing content and use it as a platform to showcase your unique skills, intelligence and creativity.

This can be a powerful form of social media in terms of promoting your company’s image. To ensure you are getting the most out of YouTube, here are five simple tips for getting started.

1) Provide useful and relevant content – Deliver timely information by uploading interviews, presentations, tutorials and how-to guides, with engaging on-brand videos about your company, your brand and your product.  Keeping your videos short and informative is a sure way to stop users getting bored or quitting before the end.

2) Control the story – React to events or hot topics in your industry to show that you are on the ball with latest knowledge, and that your brand is responding to any changes or updates in the market.

3) Start a conversation – Use your YouTube channel to post footage from Google+ and social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter. There are so many ways to get people talking; this is a great way of getting your company in the centre of the discussion!

Try to be genuine and engaging so that your audience want to keep the conversation going, and always respond to comments made. This again will invite discussion between you and your audience (and remember that your audience is full of potential clients). You could even run Q & A sessions to really engage with people.

4) Grow your audience– Ask people to subscribe to your channel so they can help spread your message. If you’re adding interesting material, they will keep coming back and may even recommend it to others.

The whole point of using social media is to spread the word of your business quickly so make sure you’re fully utilising the tools at YouTube’s disposal. Channel subscriptions are a particularly powerful example of such tools.

5) Understand your users– using YouTube Analytics to find who is paying attention to your videos and what they are searching for is another one of these useful tools. It is indispensable in making sure you are getting it right.

You can have a look at some great statistics in ‘The Power of YouTube for Brands’ infographic here from media company ‘FullScreen’, showing how successful your video has been for advertising and generating creative media for topics all across the globe. It seems where brand exposure is concerned, YouTube literally puts the world at your feet…

For more tips check out this video from Video Influencers!

Have you found YouTube successful for your business? Let us know below…