5 vacancies you should be filling with remote workers
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5 vacancies you should be filling with remote workers

4th August 2016
By Candice Choo

Let’s face it; we all need to cut costs whilst keeping our employees and colleagues happy. So what’s the solution? Remote workers. Thanks to flexible working, we no longer need to be in the office from Monday to Friday 9-5. For some jobs, there’s no need for them to come into an office at all, so here are 5 vacancies you should be filling (and saving) with remote workers:

Content writers

For businesses that hire people to write copy – whether that be for the website, for their blog, for their emails or sales collateral – the beauty of it, is that it can be written from anywhere. As long as you’ve got a quality writer that can keep on brand and bring great value to your business, then where they work from is secondary.



Developers are crucial to any business. For anything to get onto their website, or to make sure that the data is pulling in the right information to their database, they’re always in high demand. This means that to remain competitive, enabling them to work remotely and flexibly is essential for their staff satisfaction (and your retention rates). 82% of employees said that they are more productive when they are working flexibly. So why stop them?

Sales staff

Particularly for sales staff in charge of your key accounts or partners where it’s crucial for them to visit their contacts, remote working makes sure that they can still get their work done without having to waste travel time going back to the office. Face-to-face meetings still need to happen with your top customers, so doing a conference call to catch up with your team whilst they’re on the train back from their meetings will make sure everyone’s up to speed.


Getting your company name out there and established as a brand is so important for trust and obtaining customers. PR is a great way to extend that reach and knowledge of your brand. So whether you have people that handle your PR from an agency or an in-house employee, it doesn’t require them to be chained to their office desk, and nor should they be. By encouraging them work remotely, they’re much more likely to get more work done and make those important calls and emails to land that great coverage for your business.


Business analysts makes sure you get the right numbers measured and reported to feedback to your business, as well as sheds insight into potential opportunities. This often requires them to work with huge excel spreadsheets and numbers – where a noisy environment is not the ideal work setting for them. By being able to work remotely, they can be left to produce the numbers your need in an environment that they can determine suits them best, because all people work differently.