5 virtual events for work that will jingle all the bells
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5 virtual events for work that will jingle all the bells

12th November 2020
By Tom Ladle

We’re doing it okay, we’re talking about Christmas in November. With the car crash of a year we’ve had, it’s acceptable to start celebrating a little early! Plus, it might take a little while to figure out how you’re going to bring your company together this festive season. Well, worry not. Here are 5 virtual events that will jingle all the bells (ho, ho, ho)!

Christmas murder mystery

If you were a big fan of Knives Out then you’ll love this one. Murder mysteries are making a bit of a resurgence as of late and seem to be all the rage. A fantastic way to get everyone involved, an event involving murder may not exactly scream Christmas joy but if done properly, it can be a lot of fun! Here are some brilliant events companies who will help you hold your murder mystery event virtually.

That’s not to say you have to use an events company, if you’re feeling creative you can always create your own. Or if you’re not quite up to that challenge, there are host your own murder mystery kits out there. All get dressed up, hop on a video call and get ready for some wild accusations and shoddy detective work!

Christmas cooking

You could use a virtual event to help hone your colleagues culinary skills. This might be best for smaller groups, as we can only imagine the chaos with fifty plus people all trying to follow cooking instructions. Maybe save this one for individual teams. The format is you’ll get an expert chef leading the workshop over a video call, with an ingredient box sent to your home beforehand. Not only do you benefit from some fabulous team bonding but you also get a delicious meal out of it. Here’s some companies you can use to book your virtual Christmas cooking workshop:

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Christmas cocktails

If cooking a three course meal is a bit intimidating then maybe you’d just like to learn how to make some cracking cocktails. Following a similar format to the cooking workshop, you’ll have an expert mixologist leading the session. You’ll learn how to make some of the tastiest cocktails, a brilliant skill to bring to any party. Here are some companies you can use to help host your Christmas cocktail session:

You don’t have to use an events company for this idea, it’s something you could organise yourself. Come up with a menu of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, share before hand and ask people to bring their A game. Obviously, it’s hard to do a virtual taste test, so why not award points for presentation instead!

Christmas bingo

Seriously, who doesn’t love bingo. If you’re looking for a virtual event that doesn’t require too much work (we’re all busy) then bingo could go down a treat. There are plenty of free templates online so it won’t break the bank either. You could save the money you don’t spend on the Christmas party and get everyone a brilliant gift delivered to their door. Just make sure that whoever wins bingo gets a worthwhile prize.

Classic Christmas party

Last but not least, you can always host a classic Christmas party. Ask everyone to join a video call in their best festive get up, drink in hand, mince pies on the side, an assigned DJ and an array of party games. Secret Santa is a risqué choice as there’s no escape, so just make sure you look happy no matter what you receive. A Christmas quiz is always a safe bet, some group karaoke, or just a festive themed company catch-up.

So, there you have it, just some virtual events you can hold for your company to spread the Christmas cheer. I’m sure we all wish we could meet up in person but just remember there’s always next year, where you can pull out all the stops!


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