6 signs your business needs unified communications (UCaaS)

Strong internal communication is one of the main keys to success within any company. That’s why adopting unified communications (UCaaS) is vital if you want to have a competitive edge in your industry.

Unified communications allows you to connect a range of communication services and devices. This might include phone calls, instant messaging, video and web conferencingscreen sharing and more, depending on the needs of your business. These days, unified communications as a service (UCaaS) offers a cost effective and scalable solution for improving business communications.

Plenty of businesses could see the benefits of unified communications. If any of these points apply to you, it’s a sign this service could improve your business.

1. Your staff and clients are in various locations

UCaaS makes it easy to collaborate with your staff and contact your clients as and when you need to. If your company has offices in different places, or some of your employees work remotely, then there’s no need for people to travel.

Instant messaging lets your employees quickly and easily chat together about their projects. Web conferencing is ideal for meetings across locations, while screen sharing lets colleagues see what others are working on. A picture paints a thousand words, after all.

Conference calling is an easy way for staff and clients across multiple locations to speak to each other.

2. Your employees use a lot of different devices

Your employees will always need devices to work on, including computers and phones. You’ll either need to buy these yourself or, in the era of ‘bring your own device’, you can let your employees use their own laptops and mobiles while at work – often a popular solution when employees work from home. Yet, you need these devices to be on the same communication network, so it’s easy for your staff to chat to each other.

With UCaaS, it’s simple to have all the devices you need to be connected. This means your employees can comfortably keep in contact wherever they are, making all the calls and having all the meetings they need whenever it’s convenient.

3. You’ve had communication problems before

If you find there’s often crossed wires and confusion, it could be solved by using unified communications.

For example, instant messaging offers a quick, easy, and relaxed way for staff in different offices to speak to each other. Conference calling lets groups of staff collaborate and hear the same information first hand – vital for clarity. And screen sharing gives you the visual aids to make sure you’re all on the same page.

4. You want to increase productivity

Offering flexibility to employees is one known way to make them happier and more productive. Unified communication allows for this flexibility because it means your staff can work from home, or another location, if they wish, and keep in touch with people in your offices easily.

Plus, they’ll be able to call their colleagues if they’re travelling, which means that your team can carry on working together even when one person is away.

You could also use web conferencing to train people across your company from the comfort of their desks, making the most of the knowledge within your workforce to boost everyone’s skills and create a smarter, more productive workforce.

5. You want to save time and money

As we’ve already mentioned, unified communications offer a quick and easy way for your employees to speak to each other, whether they’re in the office or on the move. This will also free up time for your employees to get on with their work, which makes completing projects more cost efficient.

Choosing UCaaS means you only need to pay for a subscription to the services you need, so you’ll save money buying up loads of hardware for your office. You’ll also outsource the cost of keeping the system up and running, and up to date, so this’ll save your IT department a lot of man hours.

6. You’re a growing business

A growing company will see its needs change over time. Your UCaaS can support this.

You can scale up the services you use just by changing your subscription. This makes planning investments in communications technologies easier as you can just adapt to what you need. And since you can add any device to a hosted voice network, you don’t need to make space in your budget for any extra hardware.

Unified communications makes it easier for your company to grow. It offers flexibility to your employees and makes it quicker and easier for them to speak to each other, which helps to create an all-around more productive workplace. Consider whether any unified communications services, such as conference calling or video and web conferencing, could be a good fit for your business.