7 office bad habits that drive you to distraction
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7 office bad habits that drive you to distraction

25th March 2014
By Jacqui Beel

We’ve all been there, sitting at work and something catches our attention out the corner of our eye. You turn and you see your colleague picking their nose like there is no tomorrow! Or suddenly you hear the crack of a knuckle, then another and another.

Working in an office does have its advantages, but sometimes the distractions are just too much to bear! That is why having a remote working plan in place can help alleviate the stresses of your colleagues and get you back to your ‘Zen’!

Here we highlight our top 7 distractions that drive us round the bend.

1. Working whilst sick

There is nothing worse than the martyr. ‘I’m sick but I’m here, because I have so much work to do’. No one wants you there, OK you made it in, but now your sniffling, nose dripping, coughing everywhere has infected 10 of your colleagues who now all need to take time off. If you are sick, you are sick – stay at home!

2. Not tidying up after yourself in the kitchen

It isn’t hard, you use something, you wash it up and put it away. Signs in the kitchen don’t seem to even help. Sometimes a stern email can have the desired effect, or removing luxuries such as tea and coffee would soon have the desired effect.

3. Coughing without covering your mouth

The famous saying – coughs and sneezes spread diseases, and nothing can be truer than in an office environment. We all get taught as children, cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze, being at your desk at work should be no different. Think of your colleagues!! If you’re completely grossed out by your neighbour, you may want to politely hand them a box of tissues next time they spread their germs.

4. Bad Breath

A one-on-one meeting with a foul-smelling mouthed colleague can have such an impact you won’t be able to shift that headache for the rest of the day! Maybe try having a mint and offering around to your colleagues so as not to offend!

5. Humming/Singing

There is nothing more annoying when you need to concentrate on a task and your colleague next to you starts belting out a tune on the radio or what they are listening to in their headphones. Our recommendation – invest in some great noise cancelling headphones, you can get some great ones on the market at not too high a price now as well!

6. Really personal conversations

It’s important that we all get on as a team, and that you work together well. One way to do this is to know more about your colleagues on a personal level. However, knowing about Claire’s latest toe infection isn’t something that the whole office needs to know. You don’t have to leave your personality or life at the door when you come to work, but maybe just consider not sharing every gorey detail with your work mates, or if you must, maybe wait till lunch and go for a walk instead.

7. Smelly Food

And the winner of most annoying office habit is… smelly food! There is nothing worse than people eating at their desk, especially when they decide that a curry is the only way they will get through the day. But the worst offenders are fish eaters. There should be an immediate ban on fish in all offices nationwide!

What drives you to distraction in your office and how do you deal with it?