A definitive guide on how to make a conference call
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A definitive guide on how to make a conference call

24th September 2020
By Tom Ladle

We’ve got a wealth of content out there around conferencing, but only recently did we say hang on, as conference call providers, have we ever produced a definitive guide? Well, the wait is over (yippee!), we know you’re all buzzing to read this one.

Let’s start with some straight up product promotion. At PowWowNow we believe in simple solutions. Our conference calling product was designed from the ground up with simplicity being a core value. That’s why all you need to join a call is an email address, phone and PIN. Oh, and we won’t charge you a thing when you make UK calls using our ‘0330’ number. Now that’s out of the way, let’s get in to the what, how, when, where and why’s.

What is conference calling?

Here’s one we made earlier. ‘Conferencing calling is a term used to describe three or more people on a phone call. It’s all pretty simple really, if you’re at home in your PJs and so and so is in the office, whilst other so and so is in a trendy café and final so and so is at an airport, you can still get the job done quickly and effectively by hopping on a call. It’s not restricted to three people just made our example more manageable.’[1]

Setting up and starting a conference call

  1. Set up your call
    The first step and quite a crucial one is to set up your call, without doing this you may find yourself alone on the call for quite a while. Choose a date and time that works for everyone, copy and paste your invite details (PIN and dial-in number) to either a calendar invite or SMS, whichever you prefer, and hit send.
  2. Start your call
    Now everyone has the invite all they need to do is dial the number, enter the PIN and they’re in. We did say it was simple.

How do I schedule a conference call?

We offer several scheduling tools to make setting up a meeting oh so seamless. If you find yourself using Outlook a lot, then you’ll want to download our Outlook Plugin. This can easily be downloaded in your PowWowNow Account, on the ‘Schedule a call’ page.

As well as offering an Outlook Plugin, we also offer browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox (also downloadable in your PowWowNow Account). These work in the same way and allow you to easily schedule meeting through Google Calendar.

How to make a conference call from an iPhone

The easiest way to use PowWowNow on iPhone is by downloading our App. With our App you can schedule meetings via email or SMS, view all your dial-in numbers and join your call without having to remember your PIN.

Alternatively, if you’re not into your Apps, then you can always call the provided dial-in number, enter your PIN and join the call that way.


How to make a conference call on Android

Guess what? The easiest way to use PowWowNow on Android is by downloading our App. At the sake of repeating ourselves, with the App you can schedule meetings via email or SMS, view all your dial-in numbers and join your call without having to remember your PIN.

Again, if you’re not the Appy type, then you can always just dial the number and enter your PIN.

A ‘group call’ on WhatsApp

They call it a ‘Group call’ but it’s essentially a conference call. If you’re loyal to WhatsApp and it’s your app of choice, then you can hold a conference call using it. Tap ‘Calls’ at the bottom once in the app, then click the telephone icon in the top right. Select ‘New group call’ then choose up to 7 people you want on your call/video call.

Speaking of video calls we offer a 14 day free trial on ours, check it out if you’re ready for your next group call.

A definitive guide

One more time for those at the back, conference calling with PowWowNow is well simple! That’s why our definitive guide can all fit in one handy blog post.

[1] https://www.powwownow.co.uk/conference-call/what-is-conferencing-calling


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