Avoiding the Horror on Friday the 13th
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Avoiding the Horror on Friday the 13th

10th February 2015
By Candice Choo

#PowwowCOMMUTEMEnow so I can #AvoidTheHorror!

The dreaded Friday the 13th is quickly creeping up on us (literally and metaphorically) and the typical feeling towards it includes angst, concern and general uneasiness.

But why does it have to be filled with bad luck and/or all things unlucky? That is a question we asked ourselves and as a result, we’re offering three FREE black cab rides during the evening of Friday the 13th in London to help you become lucky on the unluckiest day of the year!

Our current campaign; ‘Avoid The Horror’ is about encouraging people to avoid the chaotic commute to and from work by embracing flexible or remote working.  By swapping board room meetings for conference calls, it minimises rescheduling and delays that are often caused by the dreaded commute to work.

So to be in the chance of winning one of the three FREE black cab rides to avoid the horror this Friday 13th, all you have to do is head over to our Twitter (@Powwownow) and retweet any of our tweets that have both the hashtags #AvoidTheHorror and #PowwowCOMMUTEMEnow so that you don’t have to deal with the horror of the Friday night commute from work, and you can start your weekend off on the right note.

And now for the boring T&C’s…

  • To be in the running to win, you must retweet any tweet by @Powwownow with both the hashtags #AvoidTheHorror and #PowwowCOMMUTEMEnow in one single tweet
  • Your black cab ride must be on Friday the 13th within Zones 1-6 in London
  • You taxi journey must be between 5pm and 8pm and last no longer than 2 hours
  • There is a maximum of 5 people per cab with 1 pick-up and 1 drop-off location

So whether you want to head home or simply get from the office to town for some drinks, then winning a free black cab ride should help you to avoid the horror of being late to the start of your weekend plans (especially with this scheduled bus strike on Friday). Keep an eye out on Twitter (@Powwownow) to make your day a little more smooth sailing than Friday the 13th wants it to be!

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