B2B Marketing is Boring… Said B2B Marketers… Never…

Is B2B Marketing boring – in short our answer is no! Well we don’t think so anyway.

We aren’t afraid to go against the norm and be heard in a flooded market, using interesting and creative ways to do that. Our 2012/2013 campaign ‘More Sense than Money’ is one example of this. The main character was Cecil Goldwell, who was old school and loathed worrying about saving money; everything about him was the opposite of Powwownow. Over the past year we have courted and created controversy with the campaign and succeeded in raising awareness and driving traffic to our site and services.

With this ethos we continue to buck the trend and be controversial in our current ‘It’s Your Call’ advertising campaign, where we make the consumer aware of the differences between the big time players and the small guy.

Powwownow It's Your Call Campaign

Powwownow It’s Your Call Campaign

Some people think it is difficult to be creative in B2B, especially when budgets are small and companies are being squeezed, but it’s not all about having money to do big advertising campaigns. We invest heavily (in time) into our social channels. By developing engaging and relevant blogs (well we hope you think they are) and participating across social media channels to provide interesting web content you can create a competitive edge to business marketing. This is where you add your creative thinking to engage prospects and customers.

Powwownow Twitter

Powwownow Twitter

Most B2B audiences are savvy, knowledgeable and targeted; they know what they want and need. For us, it is not about trying to emulate the B2C creativity in B2B, but how to use the same principles in our industry to attract audiences in a more meaningful and cost-effective way.

In our opinion B2B marketing is definitely harder than B2C, often having multiple messages and target audiences that need to be communicated with, but boring it certainly is not.

  • Great post Jacqui. In the end B2B marketing is as bland or boring as you make it. You can spin almost any kind of content or marketing material you make in a fun or interesting way. Doing this makes your marketing drastically more engaging, too. If you think your marketing is boring, then your prospects probably think the same.