The big reveal: Powwownow's Smarter Working Guide to London
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The big reveal: Powwownow's Smarter Working Guide to London

15th June 2015
By Candice Choo

Want to know the best locations for Remote Working in London? Well good news! Our Smarter Working Guide to London has now been released!
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As many of you may have seen from our activity on social media over the past couple of months, we wanted to create a guide for the best places in London for remote working. The reason for this was because businesses are starting to realise that not all employees work in the same way and productivity levels are not measured by the hours that you spend at your office desk.

Thanks to the progression in technology and remote working in the picture, business people can now access their work from almost any location and change their meetings to conference calls, allowing them to stay productive from almost any location.

The popularity of remote working has also allowed people to improve their work-life balance by avoiding the hundreds of hours that they spend on their commute per year and instead, work from home, a cafe or their local co-working space.

So rather than sacrificing the quality of your coffee for a cafe with good internet or a location that doesn’t quite suite your needs, we asked our audience to share their best finds with us. By recommending these locations to us, we compiled the top places that people voted for remote working in London and thus we created The Smarter Working Guide to London!
So now that there is a centralised place that reveals the best locations for remote working (based on each region of London), flexible working and remote working has become easy, and you can finally find places that has good coffee, service and internet!

Now we couldn’t have done it without the suggestions of our valuable audience, so from all the staff at PowWowNow, we just wanted to say a huge thank you to anyone who suggested their favourite locations, and that we hope your suggestions made it into our eBook!

Download it here: The Smarter Working Guide to London
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