Bringing flexibility to your work-life

With the recent launch of our 2016 ‘Here’s to flexible working’ campaign, we thought we’d start the year off by showing you exactly what we mean. We believe that you shouldn’t be restricted to the ‘office’ as the only place you can work at, day in and day out.

Businesses have grown out of the 9-5 working day, and we need to be more flexible with where and when we work.  So we brought flexible working to some of the world’s largest organisations based in the city.

What started off as a normal day in the office for most, businesses around Liverpool Street Station found something a little more interesting than their white office walls in their lunch break.

We sent a bunch of people to Finsbury Avenue Square to show companies how flexible their work-life really could be, and this is a how it went:

So to the more agile, forward thinking workers… Here’s to flexible working!

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