Christmas Elf or Bar Humbug – What’s Your Christmas Party Personality?
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Christmas Elf or Bar Humbug – What’s Your Christmas Party Personality?

10th December 2013
By Jacqui Beel

As the holiday season is well and truly here, with most businesses having their Christmas parties this week, we decided that we should have some fun looking at the Christmas party personality and what happens when your colleagues leave the confines of your office and hit the party venue.

So go let off some steam, it’s been a tough year
Get on that dance floor, it’s time for some cheer!
But don’t go to crazy, for it is just one night
You don’t want to wake with a hangover fright!

So get the champagne flowing sit back and see who you can spot on the night of your Christmas party:

The extrovert

The life and soul of the party will think everyone is an extrovert too and will take it upon themselves to get everyone on the dance floor! These people although they can be tiring after a while, you need a couple in your business otherwise no one would get up and have a boogie!

Most likely to be drinking: A sparkling, glittery cocktail containing umbrella, sparkler and chunk of pineapple

Most likely to be heard saying: ‘Let’s get this party started… life’s too short to stay sitting down!’

The shy-be

The polar opposite to the extrovert, the idea of a loud busy party scares the heebie-jeebies out of them. They would rather stick pins in their eyes then be the first on the dance floor, and often need a few drinks to get them to relax. Be warned – do not sit these people next to extroverts – they will be petrified.

Most likely to be drinking: An unassuming, inconspicuous beer

Most likely to be heard saying: ‘I’m not a big fan of dancing, I’d much rather be with friends down the pub’

The over bearer

Consist mainly of newly single, divorced people, the ‘I’m free and can party like I want to with no one to answer to.’ They will pounce on any piece of eye candy they deem fit and prowl until they conquer! With these people – be wary!

Most likely to be drinking: Whatever you’re having!

Most likely to be heard saying: ‘Oh really?! I’m single too!’

The cynic

These types of people don’t know how to let down their hair and have a good time. Every move is a political manoeuvre for their career. Making sure they get a word in the boss’ ear, speaking to the right people and pretending to drink with the crowd, but secretly nursing the same drink for 5 hours. They often seek out drunken bosses to find out more information than they would otherwise be privy to. They are great conversationalists, so if you’re stuck in a dull crowd at least you have someone who will know how to make small talk!

Most likely to be drinking: Sparkling water

Most likely to be heard saying: ‘So about the Anderson report’

The ‘I’m here just for work’ snob

Christmas parties often entail cheesy music and generic food and wine as events cater for the masses. It is inevitable with these people that nothing will be right, they attend because it is seen to be the right thing to do, but in their personal lives would never be seen dead drinking a bottle of Blossom Hill and eating some dry chicken wrapped in Parma ham – and they don’t mind telling you that either!!

Most likely to be drinking: Whatever the most expensive drink is

Most likely to be heard saying: ‘Oh gosh, I guess I’ll have a glass of that red, there isn’t really anything else I would have’

We hope you all have fabulous Christmas parties and enjoy spotting the office party personalities! Don’t forget to let us know what other personalities you find over the next couple of weeks.