Confessions from Conference Calls

Let’s face it. We all have our moments, especially when it comes to conference calls. There’s probably a good handful of times where we’ve probably done something we shouldn’t have and the participants on the other end of the line may or may not have found out.

So what’s your conference call confession?

We asked 2000 UK employees what they have done on a conference call and let’s just say the results were humorous (and a little bit shocking). Did you know that 12% of respondents have used the toilet whilst they’ve been on a conference call…we hope they didn’t get caught!

So we’ve put together the results for you to see what the majority of people do on conference calls, as well as the do’s and don’ts – so you can avoid being caught doing something on a conference call that you probably shouldn’t have.

After all, you might find a couple of things in common with these confessions.

See the results here.

What’s the most embarrassing, humorous or awkward thing that has happened to you on a conference call?

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