Counting the pennies
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Counting the pennies

5th February 2015
By Jacqui Beel

-with Andrew Johnson, our Finance Director

Just like every other ambitious business out there, we run a tight ship-so that includes how we monitor the cash flow in and around our business. Growth that’s as fast as ours requires close attention to every penny, so it’s something that we consistently focus on.

Recently, Premierline Business Insurance invited us to share our top three tips for effective cash flow management. Andrew chose three tactics that he deemed to be the most feasible for small businesses amongst the list of ways to avoid running out of cash.  These included:

  • How to use direct debits effectively
  • Why cash flow forecasting is vital
  • Ways to avoid big peaks and troughs in your bank balance.

 Read the full article here or watch Andrew Johnson’s top three cash flow tips here: