How to Create a Really Memorable Infographic
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How to Create a Really Memorable Infographic

23rd July 2013
By Jacqui Beel

Infographics are a great way of displaying large amounts of data in a fun and informative way. And people love infographics because they are quick and easy to digest. They are also a great source of content and within business at the moment, content is more important than ever. So with thousands of them around how do you create a really memorable infographic that will get shared and talked about?

We have created several over the years that have had huge success, here we give you are top tips for creating memorable infographics.

How to create a really memorable infographic

How to create a really memorable infographic

Don’t be too complex

The content should be simple and easy to absorb – even if your data is complex it needs to become simple. Some infographics are extremely complicated with so much data and facts squeezed in that it is hard to understand what is being shown. Keep data to a necessary minimum, you want to get your message across without overloading the reader and losing their interest.

Be creative with your design, but not over the top – make sure your creative matches your data – don’t focus on complex artistry. Infographics essentially should be educational tools that are easy to share – always keep that in mind.

Create a narrative

Narratives tell a story and have been doing so for thousands of years. Create a story within your design. Take your reader on a journey through your infographic, ensuring that they are learning along the way.

Prioritise your data

Infographics can contain large amounts of data. Make sure you highlight the most important data – whether that is through bold fonts, larger text or through the design, but make sure you set out a priority of your message as this is where people’s eyes will be drawn to first. They will use this to assess if they view the rest of the infographic.

Make it fun

Don’t forget infographics are meant to be a fun form of information – so make them entertaining. There is nothing worse than boring word heavy infographics. Our infographic on video conferencing (a boring subject potentially), had  the right design; it was a fun and interesting infographic that was repeatedly shared and posted. Here is another fun infographic we like!

Are you a lover or a hater of infographics? Share some of your favourites below.