CRM – Our customers are important to us

No matter what stage you are in business, a start-up or a big multinational, you never stop learning.

We are a relatively young business and proud to say that we’re doing well. Since our customers and their needs are at the heart of what we do, we make significant efforts to continually improve our products and services. And in an age when brand loyalty is ever more elusive, it’s important to have a solid Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programme in place to back this up.

This is exactly what our marketing team is working towards; the fundamentals still revolve around understanding and then delivering to customer needs. Customer insight is a critical business function and the CRM solution must support and enhance this customer understanding.

Our Customers Are Important To Us

Our Customers Are Important To Us

This is why we are moving towards a philosophy and business strategy that supports a technology platform, and go on to enhance relationships. We collect, manage, analyse and act on data, whether it concerns the business operation or our customers. This data will go on to serve in building strong, lasting customer relationships, and maximise the lifetime value of each customer.

You may be thinking, how do we get to ‘know’ our customers? Well, in addition to finding out what kind of user they are of your product/service:

• Learn how they interact with you. Ultimately, the tools for the customer to manage their own experience are paramount.
• Give them access to information that allows them to make informed, empowering choices which thus, provide value
• Understand their networks, communities and customer ecosystem
• Understand their social tool kit and behaviours
• Enable them as consumers and co-creators of content

Once we know this, how do we then deliver more ‘value’ to our customers to better serve the relationship? Value can come in many forms, for example:

• Save money
• Save time
• Reduce hassle/inconvenience
• Provide greater choice
• Remove uncertainty
• Reduce risk
• Reinforce status

Knowing what we do about our customers as well as their needs and wants, further enables us to communicate with them in a personalised manner and deliver an enhanced customer experience across all touchpoints.

We’re really excited about our new CRM so stay tuned to see how it takes shape.