Customer Profile: National Energy Services Ltd


National Energy Services


Who we are

National Energy Services Ltd (NES) is the UK’s home for independent energy assessors and low carbon building professionals.

Why was a conferencing service needed?

NES was in need of an alternative way to hold scheduled and ad-hoc meetings with colleagues and business partners that were geographically spread around the country.

Due to the current economic climate, the cost of people travelling to a central location was becoming an area where expenditure needed to be reduced as much as possible.

How does Powwownow help?

Infrastructure Manager, Chris Bridges, told us: “We had flirted with the idea of video conferencing for a while and were familiar with mainstream products mainly aimed at a consumer market. These facilities were great at providing you facilities if you only wanted to talk to one or two people but as soon as we needed to add a few more participants into the mix as well as collaboration features it was clear another solution was needed. We were already aware of Powwownow and its voice conference facilities so it made sense to have a look at its video conference offerings. After a rather impressive and painless demo involving seven people at four different geographical locations, using a mixture of Mac’s and PC’s it was clear that this was a potential solution for us.

After looking at other solutions available, the Powwownow offering gave us the product features and perhaps most importantly, the pricing that fitted our requirements. We now use the Powwownow facility on a regular basis and find it a very useful business and productivity tool, as well as reducing the amount of travelling and associated costs.”