Customer Profile:


Who we are is an experience day website, most famous for its zombie experiences. It has staff, suppliers and agencies working across four countries and uses Powwownow conferencing facilities to enable flexible and remote working for its business.

Why was a conferencing service needed? has people based all over the world and wanted a service to keep in touch with staff, suppliers, marketing agencies and legal teams whenever they needed. Having used some other web and audio conferencing facilities, decided they needed a service that was low-cost and simple to use so they could just sign up and get going; Powwownow offered exactly that.

The team could have meetings in person, but time is precious and with a conference call there is no travelling needed. Richard Kershaw (co-founder) had worked with freelancers all over the world, so when he formed, he wanted the best people to work on the product, rather than being restricted by the boundaries of geography.

How does Powwownow help?

Richard said:

“Our whole team of staff and freelancers work remotely. We have people working on in London, Edinburgh, Surrey, Vancouver and Malaysia, plus I spend much of each year abroad. Powwownow lets everybody stay in touch 24/7 no matter where we all are.

 “Using Powwownow helps us keep travel costs low and avoid many of the problems people associate with remote working. Keeping our start-up costs rock bottom was critical to allow us to grow at the rate we have. Powwownow sits alongside Basecamp and Asana in our roster of ‘must have’ tools.

“Powwownow is simple, quick and easy to use. We use it all the time, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to others.”